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safety and sanitation in the kitchen Essays - 7609 Words

Safety and Sanitation in the Kitchen Safety in the kitchen means using precautionary methods in the kitchen to prevent an accident. Most accident in the kitchen is due to carelessness. Safety Procedures: Basic Rules of Kitchen Safety 1. Wear appropriate, clean clothing on the lab days. 2. Never cook in loose clothes and keep long hair tied back. 3. Store knives in a wooden block or in a drawer. 4. Keep potholder nearby and use them. 5. Don’t let temperature-sensitive foods sit out in the kitchen. 6. Separate raw meat and poultry from other items whenever you use or store them. 7. When possible use a kitchen tool, not your hands to complete tasks. 8. Wipe up spills immediately. Keep the floor dry so that no one slips†¦show more content†¦Waste Disposals Food Waste Disposal Units The Kitchen Layout If you understand the basic principles of kitchen layout will help take much of the mystery out of the design process. The most basic layout principle is the work triangle. The work triangle is the line drawn from each of the three primary work stations in the kitchen – the food storage, cooktop, and sink. By drawing these lines, you can see the distance you’ll walk to move to and from each area. The sum of the ideal triangle is supposed to be between 15 and 22 feet, putting each of the three appliances within two or three steps of one another. The three primary kitchen work stations which create the work triangle are: 1. Food storage - Your refrigerator and pantry are the major items here. Cabinetry like lazy Susan or swing-out pantry units adds function and convenience. Options like wine racks, spice racks, and roll-out trays help to organize your groceries. 2. The preparation/cooking station – Your range, oven, microwave, and smaller appliances are found in this area. Counter space is important in this section. Conserve space by moving appliances off the counter with appliance garage cabinets and space-saving ideas like towel rods and pot lid racks. 3. The clean-up station – Everyone’s least favorite activity is one of the kitchen’s most important – clean-up. This area is home to the sink,Show MoreRelatedGood Personal Hygiene And Food Safety1906 Words   |  8 PagesFood safety is determined not only by proper sanitation, food storage or cleaning methods, but the importance of personal hygiene is a major part of food safety as well. Unclean hands, filthy dingy clothing, uncovered hair and other improper habits in a kitchen can cause food contamination through bacteria, dirt or germs. When food contamination occurs, those consuming the food can experience sickness, these sicknesses are known as a food-borne illness. The illnesses can be the demise of many restaurantsRead MoreThe Art Of A Pastry Chef1534 Words   |  7 Pagesprograms, help prepare students with the practical and technical skills necessary to be a pastry chef. There are 2-year degree programs and they usually focus on kitchen instructi on. Courses may include: baking fundamentals, nutrition, cake design, chocolate arts, confectionaries, specialty cakes, plated desserts, sanitation and safety/ culinary management, and apprenticeship. Several chefs are trained in dessert and pastry arts through apprenticeship programs (Education portal). The American CulinaryRead MoreResearch Report About Culinary Arts1593 Words   |  7 Pages......INTRODUCTION Page 2 †¦.......................................................................HISTORY Page 3 †¦.......................................................................CULINARY ARTS BASICS : The Fundamentals of Cooking A. Food Safety Page 4 †¦........................................................................ B. Knife Skills amp; Basic Knife Cuts Page 5 †¦........................................................................ C. Cooking Principles D. Stocks amp; SaucesRead MoreEssay about Public Health Care Reform in America1352 Words   |  6 PagesDay after day. There are several public health measures that need to be actively engaged in order to help reform health care in America. Public health measures focus on the population, sanitation, disease control, infant mortality, nutrition, occupational health, and environmental health. Modern sanitation was one of the greatest public health accomplishments of the late 19th and early 20th century. Contamination of drinking water supplies by human waste is a cause of many deadly infectiousRead MoreAssignment 1 Pret a Manger892 Words   |  4 Pagesas long as the store meets its customers’ requirement. c. Wholesome ingredients indicate a store image of being healthy, fresh, and delicious, thus making itself a preferred one compared with other fast food restaurant. d. Each store has its own kitchen to prepare food, except those tiny ones, thus making its products better than anyone else. e. No overnight food rule guarantees its freshness which is highly pursued nowadays, especially those office workers. f. The discussion of food, recipes,Read MoreJob Evaluation and Job Structured Essay1000 Words   |  4 Pagesresponsible for unloading kitchen deliveries and cleaning all of the dishes, utensils, pots and pans. Other areas of responsibility include food prep work and maintaining food quality and sanitation in kitchen. A Dishwasher must ensure that all production teams have sanitary tools and workspaces. JOB F Stock Leader Team Leader Assist with scheduling, supervision of team members and in organizing and developing promotional displays. Communicate and maintain Team Member safety and security standardsRead MoreConsiderations of Food Safety1128 Words   |  4 PagesFood safety is one of the primary concerns in our industry, especially to those who process food in large amounts. Therefore, proper sanitation must be provided in order to destroy microorganisms that could possibly spoil and contaminate food products. Sanitizers are substances used to reduce and inhibit most microorganisms present in surfaces of equipment and utensils. They are usually in the form of liquid mixture applied directly on the surface of equipment or any material that may come in contactRead MoreSatisfaction of Customer in Fast Food787 Words   |  4 Pagesremoval of expired food from display bins. Sanitation and Food Temperature * Food service workers must be properly trained on sanitation, such as when to wash their hands and for how long. For example, a person handling money would be trained to wash her hands before touching any food. Food service worker training can also entail teaching employees the proper temperatures at which to store or serve hot food, especially beef or meat items. Sanitation training is extremely important for preventingRead MoreHotel Management Team Project : Cycle Of Employment1474 Words   |  6 Pages2. Job Summary Support and assist Executive Chef by daily monitoring and overseeing kitchen/culinary operations including: †¢ Selection of kitchen staff †¢ Training of kitchen staff †¢ Evaluate performance of kitchen staff †¢ Staff supervision according to company’s standards and safety regulations/procedures †¢ Monitor to ensure proper procedures (food storing, receiving, rotating, preparing, etc.) †¢ Monitor kitchen operations for areas of improvements, adjustments, quality, etc. †¢ Bookkeeping and administrativeRead MoreHuman Resource Information System : An Integrated Plan Set Up For Cafe Vevo1649 Words   |  7 Pagespolicies. 3 position descriptions of company: 1. Position description for Cafà © Vevo Kitchen Hand: †¢ Kitchen Hand is responsible for ensuring the cafe clean through mopping and sweeping the floor. †¢ Kitchen Hand is responsible for cleaning the utensil such as the knives and other equipment and appliance in the kitchen such as the refrigerators and blenders, along with cleaning the work station of the cooks or chefs. †¢ Kitchen Hand is responsible for separating the trashes in terms of biodegradable and non-biodegradable

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