Thursday, November 21, 2019

Environment of Corporate Culture Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Environment of Corporate Culture - Research Paper Example External factors especially the economic depression being experienced has affected the store more than the internal factors. This is because most internal factors problems are and can be fixed by change or enforcement of the organization’s policies while the external factors are mostly out of control by the organization and may cost a lot to change strategies in order to deal with those factors or to avoid them like discounts to encourage customers to buy in bulk (Rexhausen, Pibernik and Kaiser, 2012). Value portrays the true picture of an organization including the expected results and standards the organization holds in the eyes of others. Performance in an organization can be improved through various ways. A combination of the two (value and performance) ensures that the employees and management in that organization are aware of what is expected of them by the customers and by their competitors (Jung, Su, Baeza and Hong, 2008). Their organizational culture will therefore be based on integrity and success to satisfy the others looking up to them and also to cement a place for the organization in terms of its organizational culture. Jung, J., Su, X., Baeza, M. and Hong, S. (2008). The effect of organizational culture stemming from national culture towards quality management deployment. â€Å"The TQM Journal† vol. 20 (6), pp. 622-635. Rexhausen, D., Pibernik, R. and Kaiser, G. (May, 2012). Customer-facing supply chain practices- The impact of demand and distribution management on supply chain success. â€Å"Journal of Operations Management,† vol. 30 (4), pp.

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