Sunday, November 3, 2019

Heroes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Heroes - Essay Example iety. There is a difference between the heroes of different people which come from different fields, for example, a soldier has a war hero who has been martyred in a war (Warner 2004). Many young boys and girls have heroes which only act as heroes such as our celebrities and music stars. There is a large influence of media hero. Now a day most young choose movie stars and music stars as their heroes but only few have heroes which have inspirational carriers such as Lincoln or Martin Luther (LaBarge 2010). Our heroes represent us. Sometimes, people are so much devoted to their heroes that they can die for them too. Many sports events end in cries of the people who focus their attention not at the game but at their hero and when their hero fails, they try to beat the other player or just cry a lot. People do not think that their hero is also a human and someone can defeat him too. In 2005 Andre Agassi lost to Roger Federer, which made the Agassi’s fans cry a lot. ... To become a hero in the eyes of people is not a difficult task. All one has to do is to identify his potential and struggle accordingly. Heroic qualities are present in every ambitious person and people can show their capabilities by devoting themselves to some area of interest that keeps the capability of making them a hero in people’s view. According to Raj Arunugam (2007), â€Å"the individual should recognize the full potential in themselves and instead of being in awe of their heroes, or being jealous of their superiors, should treat their heroes as mentors and seek their help in achieving their full potential†. This can be done by recognizing the heroic acts of our hero or the positives of hero and apply them in our life. The acts like hard work and truth can lead us in achieving the goal of our lives. Heroes are important as they help people in recognizing truth or lie, right and wrong and other ethical disciplines. Many people have heroes which are related to sp orts and whish have such carriers which can inspire a person. The heroic image in sports is not only created by great sports but also with courageous, brave and just attitude. Today most psychologists have the opinion that the heroes not only influence newspapers and magazines but they also influence the minds of the people by relating with them. The heroes perform a psychological function by uniting people to come up as a nation. Even some heroes have not got the victory are praised for their heroism by showing the heroic traits like great courage, grace and endurance. A person has still a lesson to learn from the hero (Warner 2004). Many football events ends in the victory of one and defeat of other but people realize that the losing team has worked hard and their

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