Friday, May 31, 2019

Compare the predicament of women in society as described in Cousin Essa

Compare the predicament of women in society as described in first cousinKate and The conquering. How far do you sympathise with them?The Seduction and Cousin Kate are similarly concerned with thepredicament of women in society.They are both poems which end up in a negative position, and are avocation the trails of a young girl, wanting to be loved, in someway. They also similarly carry the theme of betrayal. In TheSeduction, the girl is betrayed by the young magazines promisingher the romantic love story she always wanted and, in Cousin Kate,the young girl is betrayed by her cousin, who steals the man sheloves. These are the predicaments that both the girls down.both poems contain lines which question their actions, Why did agreat Lord find me out? and For where, now, was the summer of hersixteenth year?. This shows the regret that they had in that periodin their lives, and also how betrayed they feel and the problems they pitch now of losing their childhood.Cousin Kate tells us the story of how she was seduced, used and castaway, much like The Seduction. As The Seduction begins, it uses alot of imagery to prepare the reader for what may happen. Far pastthe silver stream of traffic through the city, far from the dipwindows of the tower blocks. The blind windows portrays an imageof not seeing, and that because something bad may happen, no-one ismeant to see or hear anything. Also, when the poem refers to thegirl knocking patronage the vodka, it shows an uncertain situation, Hehanded her the vodka, and she knocked it back like water.Both girls at the start of the poem are virgins but lose theirvirginity and fall pregnant. The girl in Cousin Kate, is refer... ...magazines she was reading to havesex, but on that point was probably pressure from her friends, as I know thatthere is today, and the poem was not written that far from today.Not only was there great pressure before she had sex, but the shameand feelings that she was put through from society was ex treme, andthis, in my opinion, should not have been placed upon her. Althoughsimilar things happened in Cousin Kate, I dont think they did tothe same extent, and, at the very least, the Cottage Maiden was leftwith something to treasure and that she was proud of. Althoughabortions were not a uninterrupted occurrence, I still think she was in abetter position to keep the baby. Whereas, in The Seduction, Ithink she would have been forced to have an abortion, or if she hadkept the baby, she would have been under great emotion and alsofinancial difficulties.

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