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the red badge of courage :: essays research papers

A. The Red Badge of Courage written by Stephen CraneB. This novel traces the effect of war on a Union Soldier named heat content Fleming. C.The story begins with henry Flemings dreams of being a soldier, to enlistment, and thento battle in the complaisant War. His dream was to be a war hero and to be adored for his amazingachievements. It was his decision to make, even though his mother was against the idea of goingto war. Since at that place was nothing happening during his monotonous life on the farm, he finallydecided to enlist. Ironically, even after he enlists, he finds himself sitting around. He make two new friendsnamed John Wilson and Jim Conklin. Wilson was as excited about going to war as Fleming, butConklin was confident about the success of the new regiment. total heat began to realize that hisregiment was just wandering aimlessly. Eventually, Henry began to think about the battlesdifferently. He started to become afraid that he might run from the fight. Finally wh en the regiment discovers a battle, Jim gives Henry a packet in a yellowenvelope, telling Henry that this will be his first and last battle. The regiment managed to need offthe rebels for the first charge, but then the rebels came back with the reinforcements driving backthe regiment. One man attempted to flee, then another, and the situation soon began to snow ball.Henry became scared and confused when he saw his forces losing horribly. He finally got up andran for cover. Henry started to rationalize his behavior of running from the enemy. His first impressionwas that he was a coward. Later, he began to see how he saved his own life. He felt that naturedid not want him to die even though his side was losing. He believed that he was intelligent forrunning and hopes that he will die in battle, just for spite. Henry then met up with Jim whowatched their acquaintance die slowly. In the neighboring charge, Henry starts asking the soldiers whythey are running. He grabbed a fellow by th e arm and asked him, not willing to let go. The man hitHenry over the head with the butt of his gun, giving him his first Red Badge of Courage. Henrystumbles around for a while until a cheery man comes up and helps him. At his regiment heconfronts Wilson to ask him if he needs any help with his wound. He then gets back into battle.

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