Friday, May 3, 2019

Joint research and development analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Joint research and development analysis - Essay practiceThe study has following domains of bio- applied science research which have emerged as lucrative domain for strategic alliance mingled with research partners. Research on DNA/RNA In many cases, it has been observed that biotechnology players course of action strategic alliances in coif to conduct research on DNA/RNA amplification, synthesis, sequencing or divisor expression profiling in order to develop a new medicine which can recuperate critical diseases or fillip the scientific development for a particular domain. According to Sherpa Group (2011), well-nigh 64% of bio-tech and Enzyme companies are directly or indirectly related to DNA/RNA research. Research on Proteins Bio-tech companies are also focusing on conducting research on proteomics, engineering or synthesis of proteins and peptides, industry of cell receptors etc in order to develop enzymes or medicines for some(prenominal) research and commercial purpose (S herpa Group, 2011). ... However, Andersson et al (2004) and Vassolo et al (2004) have argued that, strategic alliances between biotechnology companies help them to develop new processes, accession to patents and access to knowledge resources but also mutually help both the companies to achieve competitive advantage. This is the reason wherefore research collaboration activities by bio technology companies are development at constant pace for prevail few years. To take the discussion forward the study will cite strategic alliances between US company Metabolix and Spanish company Antibioticos S.A which is a renowned Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients manufacture (Seiffert, 2012). Joint gamble between Metabolix and Antibioticos S.A In the year 2012, Metabolix Inc has announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Madrid base Antibioticos S.A for developing biopolymer resin. Both of the company have signed a letter of intent in order to in order to conduct research on b iodegradable Mirel which is plant based alternatives for non-biodegradable plastics. According to bio technology specialists, bio polymer can act as suitable alternatives of plastics and it has minimum environmental impact due to its recyclable and bio degradable nature. obscure from the environmental benefits, commercial value of bio polymer has also attracted bio-tech companies to invest money on developing it. For example, demand for bio-polymer is growing at double digit growth rate for last consecutive years in both Europe and USA, which is another reason why bio-tech companies are banking on bio polymers as the next big function (Seiffert, 2012). Metabolix Although strategic partnership with Antibioticos S.A will

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