Sunday, July 28, 2019

Advantages And Perspectives Of Homeschooling Essay

Advantages And Perspectives Of Homeschooling - Essay Example Public schools offer a diverse range of subjects like theatre, drama, arts, music, dance, which the students can choose depending on their interests. This allows the students’ inner talent to be polished and brings them to the forefront. Homeschooled children are at a disadvantage in this regard as such activities are minimal. In addition, homeschooled children do not get much exposed...... Every child has different strengths and weaknesses and hence every child requires different attention from the teachers. In a public school, this is not entertained to as the student to teacher ratio is quite high. In a Homeschooling environment, children are at an advantage as they can be taught in a learning style that fits best. The curriculum is more specialized and specially designed to cater to the needs of the children so that they not only mug up what they are taught but get a true learning experience and understand what they are being taught. One thing commonly experienced by the public school students is the peer pressure. Peer pressure is a negative aspect of public schools as a student’s life gets influenced by those around him. Most of the time, the student is forced to conform to the demands of the public schools and his own individuality is threatened. Peer pressure may not only drag a student into wrong activities like smoking and drinking but it also affects s tudents’ way of expression as they are worried as to how others would react to them. In a home-school environment, students grow and develop with very little pressure from their peers and this is the reason why it helps them to express themselves without any fear of what others would think about it. Hence these children learn and study without any stress and pressure.

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