Friday, July 26, 2019

Marketing communication 2 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Marketing communication 2 - Essay Example The empowerment of the customers with respect to the availability of information was really understandable by the case of the departmental store of a friend of mine that was seriously affected because of the improper marketing communication. The departmental store of the friend was performing well within the periphery of the expectations in the couple of years since inception but soon it started to exhibit poor performance. The sales revenue was severely hit. External experts, those were employed by the store, investigated and observed that the failure of the firm even though it maintained quality goods and services, was primarily because of the lack of the marketing initiatives and rusty performance of the marketing department. The departmental store basically targeted the middle income groups and middle aged families especially those where both of the spouses were working. In order to meet the needs of the working customers, the departmental stores remained open for all round the clock, seven days a week. Also, the store provided facilities like home delivery of the purchased items free of charge at the convenient hours along with online purchasing. The store also aimed to grab the lower income strata of the society as it proposed and implemented various sales promotion methods. The goals and the objectives of the marketing communication plan would essentially be to reinstate the departmental store with its glory and pride in the city of its existence. Also, the marketing communication plan would essentially aim to make target customers aware about the various sales promotional offers and schemes and increase the footfalls and thereby to increase the revenue. The marketing communication plan should be such that it inculcates the various mechanisms of effective marketing communication. The decision to visit the store and purchase from the store should be depicted as that of high involvement as per FCB Grid Model and the schemes and

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