Thursday, July 18, 2019

The Greater Good of Society Verses Individualism

His ideas off the struggle nominate and nature country. He greatly believed in democracy and equality among man. He believed in the three takes of Democracy which argon a state of equality, state of liberty, and a state of nature. Locke believed that one man comes by a power of another(prenominal) and in doing so creates a perfect baseb both club. Lockes view of society differs from the philosopher Thomas Hobb, exactly agree with Mill. He believes that a man in his native state is constricted by laws, but could eventu eachy do whatever he pleases.The state of nature is to ensure refuge so the nature of war is ot reached, so no man allow for whole step out of his state and threaten another mans state. Also if the natural rights of exemption are broken a state of war is reached. Locke views an individual to be more great than society. Individuals steer the way of which society is going, and where they will go. Because an individuals creates history, while humanity follows. F or example Martine Luther fag had one dream, this one mans view and assent caused an outcry to America for transfigure and change did come. If individuals state of nature or freedom there will be a state of war among man.In conclusion all three philosophers all had similar ideas. They all believed that an individual is greater than society. nevertheless is that inevitably correct. One man is more classic than humanity, and humanity is beneath an individual. Mills image of happiness virtually ruining the thoroughly of gentleman. While Locke viewed mans safety of their natural state an essential rule of mankind, which prevents the nature of war. The digest philosopher Hobbs had an idea that in order for mankind to function, the individual most do ii thing. One could together to form a common bound, and two, be completely happy. But who is more important, you or mankind?

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