Thursday, August 29, 2019

Economic Forecast for Lowes (the home improvement store) Research Proposal

Economic Forecast for Lowes (the home improvement store) - Research Proposal Example Unusual from the responsibility of the company to make the energy profitable and more transparent, it needs other big companies to publish yearly report that shows their revenue profits and costs also the separated figures should be presented for the purposes of supply. The future consumers of electricity should be given great attention as part of the objective that it is aiming in order to improve the transparency and the profitability of the electricity company. This would instill confidence to the new firms that are willing to venture into the electricity using market business as well as any other business that uses energy in its production. Lowe’s data also assists the business people to asses and monitor their business on how much capital it spends on the electricity bills. The company will always lower the price of the products that it produces if only the price of the electricity is lowered by the company that produces it, this will lead to increased profits on its part as they will lower the prices of their products hence attract many customers hence higher sales that will lead to increased profit.

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