Sunday, August 25, 2019

Hook and Eye Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Hook and Eye - Coursework Example We shall illustrate that customer’s satisfaction is determined by evaluating the value of the hotel brand, using its location and service offered to customers. One Mixed Methods central research question Does the brand value define the customer satisfaction by the feedback we get from customers in relation to location and service at the hotel? Three Mixed Methods sub-questions How does the customer’s feedback posted on hotel website qualitatively, explain the customer satisfaction as the brand value measured quantitatively on the location of the hotel and service by the staffs? Does the customer’s feedback on the hotel portal posted qualitatively, explain the customer satisfaction in the context of brand value? How does the customer feedback relate to the services of the hotel and its location in reference to the brand value? Hook and Eye technique analysis We shall identify the words that connect with a location that either describes it positively or negatively. Examples of this are perfect, ideal, at a central place, or convenient this are positive words; the negative description includes the word ‘is located’ then a description like a dumpsite, or noisy place. For service, we shall identify an active verb like ‘was’, ‘were’ or ‘have been’ in describing words like bad, excellent, fantastic, dismal, or impeccable.

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