Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Kigu Essay Example for Free

Kigu Essay Using TPCASTT for Analysis T| Title| There is a field on the Canadian border that has a monument that is either forgotten, unimportant or both.| P| Paraphrase| On the Canadian border, there’s a beautiful field that isn’t famous, but it shouldn’t be known in order to preserve its beauty. | C| Connotation| What meaning does the poem/story have beyond the literal meaning? Fill in the chart below.| | | Form/GenreIt’s structured in the form of a free verse. The author chose to describe the beauty of nature, and says we should protect it.| DictionThe author uses â€Å"no†¦Ã¢â‚¬  and†did not†¦Ã¢â‚¬  because he is showing us that this field is important, even though nothing significant happened there.| ImageryI see a green, open, big field with birds silently flying overhead, with the wind blowing across the field.| | | Point of ViewThe author is the narrator. He is speaking in 1st person. He may have a lot of reliability. | DetailsThere is a naturally beautiful field that the author doesn’t want to be destroyed by any human or anything else.| AllusionsIt refers to the unknown soldiers that died. None of them died there, or were buried there.| | | SymbolismIt’s referring to purity. | Figurative LanguageThis is the field where grass joined handshallowed by neglect and an air so tame| Other Devicesâ€Å"People celebrate it by forgetting its name.†| A| Attitude| The speaker feels that the field is a beautiful place, and it should be protected.The author likes nature, and wants everyone else to try to protect it and to keep it as long as possible.| S| Shifts| There was no shift in this poem.| T| Title| The title means there is a beautiful piece of nature that it should be its own monument, even though nothing happened there.| T| Theme| Things in nature that are forgotten are the things that last.| In William Stafford’s poem, â€Å"At the Un-National Monument Along the Canadian Border,† I think the author is telling everyone that nature is precious. We should try to protect and keep it clean. Nature is a beautiful thing. You only have nature as long as you keep it pure. Another point is that monuments aren’t always going to be man-made structures. Sometimes, the most beautiful monuments are naturally made. The third idea is that the field is  like the opposite of a warzone. Instead of planes flying over, dropping bombs, birds are flying over. Instead of dead bodies on the ground, big, grassy plains are there. The last thing the author is telling us is that this field will last a long time because people are forgetting about it.

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