Saturday, October 5, 2019

Obesity and its causes Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Obesity and its causes - Research Paper Example cause of obesity is the availability of a variety of consumer snack products in the country containing trans fats and other preservatives with high levels of saturated fat. In today’s difficult economy, the costs of healthier foods are increasing due to rising prices in the global food supply chain, therefore consumers turn toward unhealthier food options due to pricing. The high availability of these foods in this competitive marketplace where variety and option is tremendous along with a more attractive price tag can be attributed as a significant cause of obesity increases in society. Furthermore, the method by which food manufacturers market their products to youths is another reason for the growing trend of childhood obesity. Less health food options, such as those made by Cadbury or Nestle, two well-known global chocolatiers, often use innovative advertisements are part of marketing to appeal to the child’s lifestyle and personal values. Finding these promotional connections leads youths to sample high-fat or high-calorie foods due to brand image or how the product is presented using colorful or imaginative characters. This is a psychological contribution to the escalation of obesity and is a product of business marketing, an industry which is â€Å"being lambasted for its all-too efficient efforts in pushing less healthy snack foods to children† (Alistair, 24). Obesity is also caused by the rising instances of quick service or fast food restaurant concepts which provide high fat foods products to consumers in a hurry. In today’s global marketplace and consumerism economy, many households have both parents working in order to sustain quality of lifestyle. This changing trend toward the hassled lifestyle drives many parents toward this convenience, fast service menu. McDonald’s, under pressure by health advocates, became the first fast food restaurant to post nutritional information on their packaging (Grant, 9). This illustrates that the fast food

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