Thursday, October 17, 2019

Organizational Behavior Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Organizational Behavior - Assignment Example In the business world emotions can lead to bad decisions. A leadership theory that describes the action of the leader, Ron Hunter, is the transformational leadership model. Transformational leadership occurs when leaders broaden and elevate follower’s interest and stir followers to look beyond their own interest for the good of others (Schermerhorn & Osborn & Hunt, p.301). During the climax event of the movie which occurred when Ron took over the ship in order to stop Frank Ramsey from launching a nuclear missile Ron displayed transformational leadership. Ron was able to gain the trust and confidence of the crew who risk their careers by following Ron. The crew realized that Ron’s orders were more logical due to the fact that without a confirmation to launch the Alabama could initiate world war III. There were two characters that displayed power in the film. The two people that displayed power in the film were Frank Ramsey, Commanding Officer, and the Executive Officer Ron Hunter. Frank Ramsey due to his position had legitimate power. Legitimate power or formal authority exits when the leader has the right to tell others what to do and the employees are obligated to comply with the directives (Clark). Ron Hunter was able to gain the trust of the crew by the utilization of rational persuasion. The key conflict of the film occurred when Frank Ramsey wanted to launch a nuclear missile to Russia without receiving the confirmation he needed. The communications went down and Frank assumed that the order to launch was imminent. Ron could not in his right mind accept that decision due to the fact that the repercussions of the action were horrendous if the Alabama made the wrong decision. The conflict that occurred could be considered dysfunctional. The conflict passed through the four stages of conflict which are antecedent conditions, perceived conflict, manifest conflict, and felt conflict. The consequences of the conflict

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