Monday, October 7, 2019

Review chapter 8( Ethical Autonomy and Dealing with Unethical Essay

Review chapter 8( Ethical Autonomy and Dealing with Unethical Superiors ) from the book (The Responsible Administrator...) and chose any article and make relation - Essay Example Therefore, Cooper crafts four key points in this chapter. The first major point is that revolving around the whole book i.e. ethical conducts by a public officer. Secondly, the ethical conduct of an individual working in a corrupt environment. Thirdly, the components necessary for individual ethical autonomy, and lastly, the importance of the role played by the administrator and to whose loyalty he or she should act on ( Cooper, 2012). In his article, Nurse Autonomy as Relational, Chris MacDonald explores the various autonomous dimensions in the nursing profession. He further explains that in nursing the nurse’s autonomy is relational. Hence, devotion to the social and circumstantial factors that assist profoundly autonomous action is important to advancing the understanding of the connections between professionals and their clients/ patients, in addition to different teams of professionals. Further, MacDonald explains the descriptive and prescriptive aspects of autonomy. Descriptive autonomy is explained as the capability for self-governance, while prescriptive autonomy refers to the resistance towards interfering with persona life and the steps involved enhancing such resistances. Lastly, according to this article professional autonomy has been linked to relational autonomy in the nursing profession. According to this article, professional autonomy depends on the social structure because the profession it self is self-governing ( MacDonald, 2002). This article relates to coopers explanation about ethical autonomy in that it outlines the implications of a relational autonomy model in the nursing profession. The first implication is that through understanding autonomy, the nurse is able to understand the thin line between their personal capabilities for independent actions and the responsibilities they have towards their patients. Secondly, it helps in the understanding

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