Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Ethics exam Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethics exam - Essay Example n technology today have been beneficial, but it has also held its disadvantages as well as such advances have been made by the use of establishments such as factories and processing plants which have also been responsible for playing a large role in the pollution of the environment. To right this wrong the society cannot depend on the government alone as this will be too big a task to be handled by one institution and thus they will require the cooperation and help of every individual involved. It should be noted that one cannot easily thrive in a harsh environment and thus it can be said that the progress and achievement that has been realized by the society has been due partly to the environment and resources that it has had to offer. Knowing this it would not be right for the human population to then turn around and continue to indulge in activities that they are aware are affecting the environment in a negative manner. As a means of showing our appreciation, it should be every individual’s responsibility to take it upon themselves to play a part in cleaning up the environment no matter how small a role one might perceive it to be (De La Torre, 2004). Knowing that the environment is being destroyed and doing nothing about it equates to destroying the environment and thus it should be noted that one should not consider themselves innocent just because they are not involved in the pollution activities that are happening around them. The environment was also given to the human race by the Lord, and while doing so he put us in charge of its care and thus it is our responsibility. Just as one would not sit back and watch their child die we should not be unmoved by the plight of the environment (Pope Leo, 1890). Taking care of the environment will benefit every individual in the after all so the task should not be taken up by a few people, but by every single person present in the world. The alternatives at our disposal, as opposed to taking care of the

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