Wednesday, September 4, 2019

My Philosophy of Education :: Philosophy on Education Statement Teaching Essays

Philosophy on Education In the beginning there were students. the students learned what they were to do and what not to do. It continued on and on and still to this day we have students who are told what to do and not to do. They are told how to act, how to make decisions on their own, and how to make something of themselves. The student is taught that they need to learn so that they know more and to survive in today's society because most everyone today needs a good education. The student is taught in ways they will learn. They should also have a curriculum to follow to become the individual they were born to be; to make up their own minds and not to be persuaded to have the same ideas and thoughts as someone else. A student is one who learns. But how does the student learn? A student is a person who has their own mind their own thoughts they are an individual. A student explores their mind finding out what they want in life. They do so by experiencing things like the Pragmatist and Progressivist say. The student is also sometime influenced by a leader; they follow their parent's morals and standards when they are young and then some follow their friend's attitudes, feelings, or even actions as discussed by Rousseau in Emile. One's friends can cause the student to do things or act ways their parents could or could not have taught them to do or act. Some students on the other hand learn to be the leader. The ones who lead their friends end up doing what they want and the friends follow. The followers learn from experience most likely taught by their parents. A example of this is: Say one little girl is taught to play basketball then she thinks it would e a very good thing to show her friends to play also letting them feel the experience and allowing her friends to choose if they like it as much as she does. The little girl then has allowed her friends to decide if they will keep playing or quit because they don't like it. The followers will choose what they think is best for them.

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