Monday, September 23, 2019

Fahad Analysis Draft 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Fahad Analysis Draft 1 - Essay Example The poem consists of four stanzas of five lines each; the rhythm of the poem is ABAAB. The poem has a strong masculine tone, it does not contain much emotion, and exception is the last line where he writes ‘sigh’. With the subject of choosing between two roads Frost symbolizes the fact of life that in life you have to choose between who possibilities, and what you choose shapes your life entire. The title of this poem actually explains a lot about what this poem is, what are the main themes discussed. The author shows through the title that he is not talking about how took a particular road or a major life decision, but in reality he talks about the aspect of ‘lost opportunities’. He highlights the fact that how if you choose a path or make a decision you give up on experiences you could have experienced if you had taken the different path. It mainly talks about the complexities of choice and how even if you want to travel on both roads how life brings you to a point where you have to choose between the two, and then live with the decision. The poet has paid special attention to nature while writing this poem. He in many different ways tries to incorporate nature. He uses words like ‘yellow’ and ‘grassy’ to paint a picture of the surroundings. The poem starts off with the mention of roads, how the person is standing in a forest and he has to choose between two roads. He uses this figure of speech to paint a picture of a person who has to make a decision in his life. He is not literally talking about which road to take but he symbolizes the roads as the choices a man has in his life. He talks about how both those roads and choices look the same to him. In line four he talks about how only when we have chosen a path or made a decision we realize the consequences of our decisions. He expresses his sorrow that he has to choose between

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