Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Story of Simon Simopath Concept Album Essay

The Story of Simon Simopath Concept Album - Essay Example Even before listening to this song, one would conclude that it is a love song, taking into consideration its name. The Wings of Love is a love song that makes the ten songs within the concept album of Simon Simopath. This song describes the manner through, which Simon was making wishes to the sky to permit him to have wings of love. It narrates how Simon made wishes in regard to possession of the wings and how he asserts that he would reward the skies in the case that he was given the wings of love. In addition, the song goes to an extent of narrating how Simon had made wishes to fall in love using the wings he demanded. There is proper use of rhythmic effects in this song, giving a rather sad feeling of a frustrated person that is in great desire to achieve something. This is a two minute song within the concept album of Simon Simopath. From the manner through, which this song is sung, it evident that it was directed towards Simon Simopath; it narrates the sadness that Simon Simopat h is experiencing. The song involves appropriate use of instrumental i.e. piano and guitars, played in a rhythmic manner, giving the song an love emotions and some sense of sadness regarding the loneliness that was experienced by Simon Simopath. In addition, the melody of the song through the use of the instruments that seems compatible with the singers. The song, â€Å"We can help you† is another song that was included in the concept album, Simon Simopath.

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