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Cat People Psychoanalytic Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Cat People Psychoanalytic Analysis - Essay ExampleThis implausible heritage reflects greatest, deepest and therefore most important components of our life. Carl Jung lifes work provided his readers all across the solid ground with great meditations on the matter of life and death, violence and love, soul, spirit, purpose of human existence and even hike away in the sphere of unconscious and therefore out of time and space, deeper than scientific approach someplace on the threshold of religious patterns and philosophical discoveries.Cat People is named horror movie solely its not a real horror from the cinematic point of view. From that point it is more than of a mental thriller and psychology in this fritter is exactly the prism through which it will be discussed.The plot of the film briefly consists of interactions between 4 people which are Irena ( primary(prenominal) heroine), Oliver Reed (her admirer and later husband), Dr. Louis Judd (psychiatrist of the main heroine) and Alice (Olivers co-worker and later lover). Main heroine sees herself a descendant of the ancient mystical evil-worshippers who are one-half cats and half people. Long time ago these people have been punished for their blasphemy and even killed but some of them escaped to the woods. Our heroine tells it to her admirer Oliver whom she meets. Despite it is being truth (though only for the aesthetical effect and more as an allegory) he says that she is as well imaginative and therefore its all just a punch-drunk fantasy. Then they agree to marry each other and this serves as a movies outset point of interest because if woman says that she feels like some living creature (panther) lives in her and can strike out in the moment of the most passionate and intimate expression (sexual orgasm) and her lover agrees to marry her hence eventually almost anyone would wait for further conflict. This conflict doesnt make viewer wait for him too long (film is really short) with Alice who is Olive rs co-worker becoming a reason for Irenas

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