Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Spoken and Written Language, the Dual Route Model Case Study

Spoken and Written Language, the Dual Route simulate - Case Study Example1197). Thus, Coltheart and Rastle attempt to introduce evidence to the utility of dual-route theory in analyzing the practice proceeding of young normal readers as easily as children with reading impairment. Another significant phrase on the applicability of dual-route theory, Rapcsak, et al. offer establish with evidences that dual-route equation as well as a related to multiple regression model can accurately predict both(prenominal) reading and spelling performance in adult neurological patients with acquired alexia and agraphia. These findings provide empirical support for dual-route theories of written language processing. (Rapcsak, Henry, Teague, Carnahan, and Beeson, 2007, p. 2519). Therefore, both the articles use up with the effectiveness of dual-route models to analyze the reading performance of people with reading impairment, although the strategy as well as the focus of these articles differ s. It is essential to realize that both the articles deal with scientific studies about the usefulness of dual-route models and they offer detailed information about the participants of the study, including the age, speech and language abilities, cognitive status of the participants, etc. In short, the articles deal with a common topic, i.e.

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