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Introduction to Art-Questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Introduction to Art-Questions - Essay ExampleThe method was runner utilise in China and in Japan during the ninth century (James et al., 1997). 2a. Andy Warhols famous serigraph of Marilyn Monroe was do in what way? The serigraph is the manner of marrying a stencil in a finely twine stuff, which is withal attached in a frame. The paint will then pass through the fabric and hit an image on the tee shirt, paper, or board on the other side of the prove. In the case of the serigraph of Marilyn Monroe, which was done by Andy Warhol, it was done through photographic stencils in which he used a photo of the subject and specialized chemicals in order for the image to stick on the silk screen (Lazzari & Schlesier, 2012). b. What is another name for the process called serigraph? Screen publish or photo silkscreen effect (Lazzari & Schlesier, 2012). c. What material is used in fashioning one? The main material in screen printing is a stenciled image in a very fine woven fabric. In o rder to create an image in a material, paint or ink must be used to attach the image in a material. Also, a squeegee will be used in get-up-and-go the ink or paint unto the other side of the woven fabric (Lazzari & Schlesier, 2012). 3. The expensive process of making handwritten letters on stretched calfskin as the only form of communication was replaced with the invention of transportable type in 1450. (a) Discuss two benefits from the invention of movable type and how that inventions benefits argon convertible to the to a greater extent recent development of the personal computer and the Internet? The invention of the movable type by Johann Gutenberg during 1450 was and is revolutionary. thither were many benefits brought by the movable type, and one of these benefits includes the incr relievo in the production of printed materials and documents. In this manner, offices were able to make copies of their documents and were able to save a file for their own self-keeping. It was considered as an efficient manner in the reproducing and preserving documents. The south benefit of this invention was that it had economic benefit for every business industry. It had allowed the publication of books and other printed materials, such as newspaper by bulk, which had eased the process and lowered the cost. This invention of the movable type had a similar impact on the current usage of personal computer and the Internet in terms of the ease in the production of printed or written materials. Aside from this, as the movable type had aided in the production of books, personal computers, and the internet had also made the availability and the production of books easier and more accessible (Blossom, 2011). 4. The 1841 daguerreotype of mare Edgeworth was one of many that began to be produced at that time and they became a serious threat to portrait painters. (a) wherefore ? The daguerreotype was invented by Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre, which used the copper sheets, that are silver-plated and contains iodine. This causes the plate to be sensitive to light, and as it is exposed to the camera, the images are developed through the warms vapor of mercury. This processed had opened its way to the creation of much sturdier and long-lasting portraits. It was also commercialized, allowing the greater public to immortalize their images. For this reason, the portrait painters became threatened with the new process of reproducing portraits. However, it did not push through, except became one of the leading inventions and influences in the field of photographs (Nelson, n.d.). 5. If you were a

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