Sunday, April 28, 2019

Consturction Law (Report) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Consturction Law (Report) - canvas Example1.3 This law stands out from the other laws because it is sensitive. In formulation and contract laws, claims and counter claims are the focal point that the employer and the contractor agnise one another. Claim that is assertion for more funds towards a project, due to prolongation time for completion is under application by contractual arbitrators in engineering and construction law. This is a sensitive law because it has unforeseen shortcomings which have to be prepared for in advance. In order to understand the importance of this law one has to understand the principles involved in contract and construction law.1.4 This law causes conflicts, however, the construction industry believes in solving disputes in a medical approach. This approach involves identifying the problem in the depression place, then submiting with the problem. Every construction worker knows it is their personal obligation to keep everyone happy by opening up ab out any conflicts.2.1This report is necessary to help the sub-contractors to Mekeng Company avert any further accidents that could lead to loss of human life. Interrelation between the contractors, sub-contractors and the employer is important in creating a correct working environment. After the investigation into the scaffolding accident, the findings prove that more employees are less equipped to deal with heights and there is danger of another accident happening unless something is under change.2.2 Although the employer is at fault, the ignorance of the employee is also to pick in trying to deal with an area n he was not an expert. The center for occupational gumshoe and health administration (OSHA) requires that before the employer sends the employee off to work, they have adequate training to deal with the hazards in their identify of duty. It is also OSHAs principle that certain risky jobs are for those certified and specially qualified

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