Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Procedures Involved in Fracking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Procedures Involved in Fracking - Research Paper ExampleThough galore(postnominal) officials and researchers go for credited fracking and claimed that it ordain improve the economy by reducing energy costs and creating more jobs, the data is greatly exaggerated and this paper will reveal the actual facts of the subject matter. Even beforehand taking fracking into consideration, environmentalists have already expressed great concern on the level of industrial contamination and this process will only increase the adverse effects that society has been trying to reduce. Taking in all the scientific evidence into consideration, it is clear that hydraulic fracturing is a hazardous process that should not be a part of modern day society, and in detail, this paper will further solidify this point. Firstly, the paper will illustrate the methodologies utilized during hydraulic fracturing. The process involves the injection of high-pressure fluids deep into the rock layers. This leads to the formation of fissures indoors the layers of the rock formation. This leads to an increase in the flow of natural gas, in turn, increases the amount of gas that is available for extraction. ane of the main areas of concern is the composition of the fluids that are used in the extraction process. In fact, several states have created laws to regulate the number of harmful additives that are used in this process. For example, Barer and Gordon reported that the legislation in Texas requires fracking companies to aim a list of the ingredients used in the fracking to the residents living near the drilling sites (par. 1). The major component of fracking fluids is water. It overly contains a solid component in the form of ceramic or sand beads. The components which mainly work a concern to the public are the chemical additives, which are sometimes toxic.

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