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A governing body Essay Example for Free

A governing body EssayA governing body is eminent in every populace. Although the governing bodies of the United States and Sweden are both(prenominal) administered by executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches, the role they play in the politics of their respective countries differs greatly. Both countries are subject to laws set forth by age-old constitutions. in that respect is too divergence in the flake of representative parties for the population of each country. It is important to look at the age of the country and its influence on the organization. The stream of time in which countries are founded is very important in showing why certain countries have the institutions that they do. The early Swedish government was formed by aristocrats who nominated a poof that used his rule to influence religion. This aspect of Swedens political history differs from that of the U. S. , which was founded hundreds of years later to be ruled by representation. U. S. Government T he United States is the worlds oldest representative democracy. The government is regulated by a system of checks and balances defined by the Constitution.Citizens are subject to cardinal levels of government federal, state, and topical anesthetic levels close areas are subject to multiple local governments, such as county or metropolitan governments in addition to municipal government. The federal government is comprised of three branches, which are designed to check and balance one an separates powers. The Legislative branch is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives, which makes federal law, declares war, approves treaties, and has the power of making decisions regarding the budget and taxation, also cognise as Power of the Purse. The Executive branch is comprised of the President, who appoints, with Senate approval, the Cabinet and other officers. The Cabinet administers and enforces federal laws. The president is also Commander-in-Chief of the military. The J udicial branch is the Supreme mash and set down federal courts, whose judges are appointed by the President with Senate approval. The Judicial branch interprets laws and can overturn laws they deem unconstitutional. The United States Constitution is the commanding legal document that governs the American system.The document is considered a social contract for the people of the United States, regulating their affairs through government chosen by and populated by the people. All laws and procedures of both state and federal governments are subject to review, and any law ruled by the Judicial branch to be in violation of the Constitution can be overturned. The Constitution can be amended by two methods, both of which require the approval of three-fourths of the states. Officials at all three levels are either elected by voters in a secret ballot or appointed by other elected officials.Executive and legislative offices are decided by a plurality vote of citizens in their districts. J udicial and cabinet-level offices are nominated by the Executive branch and approved by the Legislature in the federal government and most states, although some state judges are elected by favourite vote. American politics is henpecked by the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Members of these two parties hold the majority of elected offices across the country at federal, state, and lower levels.Independent or third party candidates tend to do better in lower-level elections however, there are currently two independent members of the Senate. Within American political culture, the Republican Party is considered conservative and the Democratic Party is considered liberal. Swedish Politics Information published by Nations Encyclopedia advises Sweden is a constitutional monarchy, of which fairy Carl XVI Gustaf is currently the head of state, but royal power is limited to official and ceremonial functions.The nations modern legislative body is the Swedish Parliament, also known as Riksdag, with 349 members, which chooses the Prime Minister. The Riksdag holds supreme authority in modern Sweden. The Riksdag is responsible for choosing the Prime Minister, who then appoints the ministers. The legislative power is then shared between the fantan and the Prime Minister-led government. The executive power is exercised by the government, while the Judiciary, unlike that of the United States is independent.Swedens judiciary system also lacks the ability to review laws that may be in violation of the constitution. Acts of the parliament and government decrees can be made inapplicable at every level if they are against constitutional laws. Legislation may be initiated by the Cabinet or by members of Parliament. Members are elected on the basis of proportional representation, or full representation versus the plurality ballot system used in the U. S. The Constitution of Sweden can be altered by the Riksdag, which requires an absolute majority and two decisions with general elections in between.Since 1932, the Cabinets have been dominated by the Social Democrats. The following political parties currently hold seats in the Riksdag Social Democrats, Moderates, Centre Party, Liberal Peoples Party, Christian Democrats, left wing Party, and Greens. There are six other parties, however, they do not currently hold any of the seats of the Riksdag. The six parties are Swedish Democrats, Feminist Initiative, The brigand Party, June List, The Health Care Party, and National Democrats. Religious and Cultural Aspects of GovernmentHistoricizing the formation of the Swedish government is to review the affects of aristocracy on government and government on religion. In the middle ages, struggle for power between powerful families and Great Men, also known as Stormannen, caused politically unstable situations. Sweden was a kingdom where the king was elected by members of a council of aristocrats therefore, the throne was not inherited. The presence of powerfu l Great Men and chiefs meant that the kings influence was often quite limited. His political and fiscal tell over the country depended upon support from the aristocracy.During the late Middle Ages political anarchy came about in Sweden. Constant struggle for power between a number of families and the Danish King Kristian II ended in the Bloodbath of Stockholm in the early 1500s. The result of this struggle enabled Gustav Vasa to become king in 1521. The most important reform Gustav Vasa made was the reformation of the Church. The king was able to gain political control, as well as control the property of the Church, all Swedes perfectly became Protestants instead of Catholics(History World, 2007).This made it possible for the king to establish himself, not the Pope, as head of the Church, and also to use the Church as a pedagogic dick on the people according to History World. Because everyone had to attend church on Sundays, the state could reach almost the entire populace with in formation, propaganda, and a certain do of education. The Bible was, for instance, translated from Latin to Swedish during this time. This had a positive impact on literacy among the ordinary people.In the United States, the formation of the government was influenced by agenda and innovationists sooner than religion or how politics could influence religion. Our Founding Fathers were not known to practice Christian orthodoxy(White House, 2007). Although they supported the free exercise of any religion, they believed there could be dangers in incorporating a religion into the creation of a government to serve all people. Most of them believed in deism and attended Freemasonry lodges. According to John J.Robinson, Freemasonry had been a powerful force for religious freedom(Free Masons, 2007). Freemasons took seriously the principle that men should worship according to their own conscious. Masonry welcomed anyone from any religion or non-religion, as coarse as they believed in a Supre me Being. Washington, Franklin, Hancock, Hamilton, Lafayette, and many others accepted Freemasonry. According to the Free Masonry Organization, in order to be a Free Mason, one moldiness believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, which includes the gods of Islam, Hinduism, or any other world religion.Although many believe the anti-Biblical and anti-Christian beliefs and practices of this organization are partially surreptitious beneath an outward appearance of a supposed compatibility with the Christian faith, the organization supports every religion. The influence of a non-uniform Christian society on the U. S. government was belike due to the combinations of cultures and backgrounds of the individuals making up the fairly new society. The compilation of cultures that continues to make up U. S. society varies greatly from those of the Swedish culture at the time their government was developed.Sweden was a very old country therefore, the majority of the inhabitants had lived the re most, if not all, of their lives. The governments of the United States and Sweden both represent their diverse populations through their respective governments. The greatest variance in the way branches operate is in the Judicial system. In the United States, the Judicial System ensures that laws are upheld and amended to meet changing times without breathing out against the Constitution. The Swedish Judicial branch lacks the ability to review laws that may be against their constitution.

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