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Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi - Essay ExampleThe authors transformation leads to the exploitation of her inquisitive nature as she gets to question few of the various issues that surround her life. It is through this rebellious streak that the reader gets to appreciate the authors transformation. This is oddly because the time, in which these private changes were taking place, the persona was facing tumultuous and incredibly dangerous disruptions (Satrapi, 2004). This paper will examine the novel, and help film out fits of the keep back that might make a difference in the lives of population. The author indicates in the novel that she happened to be the granddaughter of an emperor in Iran. As she tries to comprehend the extent of much(prenominal) novelty, she grows up trying to also understand the complexities of the life she lives. The author works on divulging information about rebellion in the lives of tidy sum around her, and the societies in which she lived. It is in t he book that the reader gets to comprehend the nature of the region, and some of the upheavals it was going through as it transitioned through the boundaries individuals formd for themselves and others (Satrapi, 2004). Persepolis tries to delve into some of the issues that affect societies in new-made times. It is through the book that people are made aware of their natures, and how to get about life minding others. The book tries to bring to reality the major themes that occurred in the region back then, but that may still be affecting society in present times. However, this is for the reader to conclude after completing the novel. The book sheds some light on the differences that exist between the lives that people lead on the outside, while living contradictory lives privately. The case of the authors parents could be the pure(a) example. They talk of how evil the regime was, and they try to express their rebellion in their home. This is done by drinking wine and supplying the ir daughter with posters from famous people that were not from their world (westerners) (Satrapi, 2004). The upheaval saw changes take place that may not have necessarily been welcome in the region by people who were content with what they had, that is safety and comfort in their beliefs and customs. Also, the different reasons behind rebellion can be found in the book as the author tries to asseverate that the presence of knowledge or even fear could be motivators for people to rebel. The revolution in Iran came about as a result of the difference in social class. There were tremendous gaps between the rich and the poor, which the author insinuates that she often felt ashamed of, especially when she was in her fathers Cadillac. The author tries to bring to the reader the diverse points of view that were held by different people present in her life, for instance her grandmother, her parents, and outside society. This is done in an effort to bring out all the sides of the story, an d not just placing judgments on certain groups of people, or try to decide who might have had it better or worse. The historical perspective is the aspect that is brought out by the author (Satrapi, 2004), whose humor and alternating tone assists in bringing out the seriousness of the issue that rocked the region in the twentieth century. Violence, unearthly persecution, corruption, and even torture are themes which are recurring in the novel. They are themes that are seen through the eyes of a child (younger Marjane), while the humor she displays tries to create the sanity that is

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