Sunday, June 16, 2019

Evaluating potential international relations challenges Essay

Evaluating potential international relations challenges - Essay ExampleFrom time to time, diverse countries have similar cite interests. For instance, two countries might all want to nurture peace and commercial processes. Similarly, countries with different interests will often try to solve the conflicts (Hay, 2002). This paper will survey the potential international relations challenges and apply them to foreign policy.One of the major concerns of international relations is to examine how country behaviors and this can be examined in different aims of analysis (Hay, 2002). The system level of analysis examines states behavior in relation to other(a) countries by looking at the international system. At this point of analysis, the world-wide system is the source of a states behavior is the consequence (Dornelles, 2010). Features of the system make countries act in a given way. Transformation in the system will instigate transformation in government behavior. The main variable i n the intercontinental system is the influence of a country within the organization. Some countries are influential, and others are extremely feeble (Hay, 2002).For instance, during the cold war, some countries were efficacious and influential. The main cause of cold was that the USSR and U.S. were two influential countries in the region. Currently, other states define the performance of all countries in the region (Dornelles, 2010). Therefore, this level of analysis may rationalize the US involvement in Iraq as a powerful government and only influential government, activating its strength to law enforcement agency of the domain against countries that intimidate them. The states preserve its dominance by destroying all its challenges (Hay, 2002).The state level of analysis looks at a countries behavior in relation to its foreign policy. For example, all classless states have a certain manner of behaving towards other democratic states (Hay, 2002). Other researchers argue that the different conducts of strong or weak countries influence

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