Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Short Stories Reflecting Issues in Marriage Essay

Short Stories Reflecting Issues in Marriage - Essay ExampleIn addition, the stories act as peripheries outlining the boundaries of what ambitious women should indulge in, to ward off disgrace or even death. The two stories speak of their main addresss dreams and aspirations and vividly describe them as they think about their respective dreams. The main characters are twain women, married and facing different dilemmas but somehow are related, considering that their problems are about their desires. To Chopins Mrs. Mallard, her dream was the satisfaction of an emotional and psychological need objet dart de Maupassants Mrs. Loisel dreamed of physical needs which were quite trivial as compared to that of Mrs. Mallards. How the stories were told and how the characters were exposed are interesting angles for readers to consider in looking more than deeply into the meanings of the stories. The Story of an Hour is narrated by a third person, picturing the life of a cleaning woman marri ed to a man who was not mentioned to start abused her in any way, rather treated their marriage life as dictated by norms. Women during the time of the setting were known to be housekeepers, leave to attend to children and the household chores. To Mrs. Mallard, the task of staying home was an imposing feature of the male in the house and society making her feel like a prisoner. This account is supported by the words of the woman saying Free, free and in addition, kept whispering, Free Body and soul, free This shows that Mrs. Mallard had a longing for exemption which the expectations of people from wives, have silenced during the time of her marriage with her supposedly dead husband. The Necklace, on the other hand, narrates the story on the third person also, of a woman who longed for what the elite French represented. Being beautiful, Madame Loisel, the main character in the story dreamed of things she thought she was worthy to have. Unluckily, she was born in a family of artisa ns and was married to a clerk who was not able to provide her whims. Her longings, as opposed to that of Mrs. Mallards, are of the trivial things like good food, expensive clothing, and jewellery. Invited to a ball which she incessantly dreamed of attending, she forced her husband to provide for a dress that would suit the occasion and her desires. When presented with the problem of jewelry, the husband suggested her to borrow from her friend which she did. Eventually, they were presented with the conflict to resolve and that is, to interchange the borrowed necklace as soon as possible, which got lost when they were going home from the ball. With their little means, the husband had to borrow money to produce the payment of a similar jewelry which caused them to be deeply in debt and made them live through hard work for ten years. The style of de Maupassant in telling his story was quite direct, introducing the character with descriptions that created an image of the woman without letting the reader need some imaginations in understanding the character.

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