Thursday, June 20, 2019

Smart phone-small planet Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Smart phone-small planet - Essay ExampleI argue that the sharing of moments through smartphones has made communication between humans precise natural rather than the old cumbersome ways of communicating. For example, before the invention of smartphones, people used to send letters and pictures to the post office, which proved to be genuinely cumbersome and time-consuming. With smartphones, communication is very easy especially with apps like Whats App. The Whats App creates an interface where different users share and exchange photos, messages and videos just by using an active information connection.There is growth in the use of smartphones in the competitive world of business in the past few years (Marsha Berry and Max Schleser 73). The increase use of smartphones in business attributed to the development of relevant apps. Software engineers with their ingenuity in developing new apps enable business transactions done in the comfort of ones bedroom. The client in such a transact ion could be thousands of miles away. I argue that without smartphones, many business transactions would chequer or not materialize altogether. Millions of smartphones manufactured and sold because of the invaluable role of smartphones in business transactions and communication. The increased manufacturers of smartphones support related industries, for example, apps developers make a lot of money from their work. I, therefore, argue that there is a new business dimension in the market place due to the coordination between smartphone manufacturers and app developers. The new switch off creates more business opportunities for the business people around the world. The creation of new business opportunities improves lives of millions of people. I argue that without the use of smartphones, society cannot realize such scotch developments and improved lifestyles.Smartphones have revolutionized the security industry. There are apps that enable people to report crimes to the relevant auth orities. Would be victims of

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