Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Coca cola company report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

Coca cola company report - Essay prototypeDuring this long time of its business Coca Cola has done galore(postnominal) mergers and acquisitions with various companies. The company has also diversified its business in health drinks, bottled water, result juice etcetera Coca Cola has created a huge customer base and maintains a strong connection with its targeted customers.Coca Cola is one of the perceptible brands in the human beings. It is a 16 billion dollar brand. Coca Cola produces the top five soft drinks like Diet coke, Fanta, Coca cola, and Sprite etc. It is also involved in manufacturing other products like vitamin water, Minute maid, powerade etc. The company has the license to market more than 500 beverage brands including water, sparkling drinks, juice, sports & slide fastener drinks, ready to drink coffee or tea etc. Coca Cola has the worlds largest distribution system (Isdell and Beasley, 2011). It has many bottling partners throughout the world for selling its bev erage. Its present employee strength is 130,600. In 2013 the company has earned revenue of US$ 46.854 billion. In 2013 Coca Cola has its total assets of US$ 90.055 billion. The company has many subsidiary companies. In 1920 Coca Cola became a publicly trading company.Coca Cola was innovated in 1886. From that time it has become the catalyst for inspired institution and social interaction. This non alcoholic beverage created a global brand which provides refreshment to its customers throughout the world. This product was invented by John Stith Pemberton in 1886. In this year the foremost newspaper ad of Coca Cola appeared describing it as refreshing and delicious beverage. The Coca Cola syrup and extract was labeled as copyright below John Pemberton. In 1889 the formula of Coca Cola and the brand was bought by Asa Griggs Candler. He started the company Coca Cola in 1892. The companys Spencerian script and its trademark were registered in 1892 with the Patent office of U.S. In the companys second annual meeting the

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