Sunday, June 9, 2019

Vision of Future Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Vision of Future Education - Essay ExampleFrom this study it is clear that the federal government, non-governmental organizations, and form _or_ system of government makers bear the mandate of implementing the vision of future fosterage. The eminent technological advancements will equally define my vision of future education. Indeed, future students and tutors will have an opportunity to adopt various technologies in learning. Such technologies will enable students to join online classes, access academic data, choose their convenient classes and extracurricular activities regardless of their residence. Nevertheless, a limitation in to innovative educational options will limit future academic success. As the study outlines the disparities among students will persist subject to their cultural, economic, gender, and academic needs. In the future, the education system will embrace diverse and advanced learning and instructional tools that will be accessible to all students. The conti nued growth in engineering will present the internet as an effective learning and research tool. Subject to the foreseen availability of learning opportunities and choice of schools and subjects, students will have a estimable to combine related credits earned from different schools for purposes of completing a specific educational program. The students will also have an opportunity to study much than what is available in their classrooms. Indeed, future education will adopt extracurricular activities in the academic programs.

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