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Ancient Greek Doctors Essay -- essays research papers

Hippocrates and GalenComparative see between the best Greek Medical doctors of ancient Times.IntroductionAs The Greek empire declined, Rome inherited its medical traditions and knowledge. During the 1st and second centuries A.D health standards dropped considerably and outbreaks occurred of life threatening complaints. Galen of Pergamon, a follower of Hippocrates, equanimous much(prenominal) of the medical knowledge of the time and added to it his studies of anatomy and physiology (mostly of animals). In smart of his errors in describing certain anatomical and physiology phenomena, his writing created the foundation for medicament everyplace 1500 geezerhood later in Europe. Though Galen created a historical event, he indeed followed and admired adept of the greatest doctors of ancient Greece &type A8216Hippocrates& angstrom8217. A physician and a surgeon he became a attraction of a medical school on the &8216Aegean island of romaine lettuce&8217 his works are contain ed in the &8216Hippocrates corpus&8217, over 70 volumes of case histories and approximations on the practice of medicine, role of environmental health and sacred diseases. Although other non-Hippocrates doctors made diagnosis, the Cos physicians would try and venture the outcome of their patients. Hippocrates adopted a view that Breath is the most needful component of our bodies and if it flowed freely produces heath if impeded produces disease. Hippocrates says that diseases are caused by the differences in the elemental components of the human organism.Before Hippocrates and GalenMedical practice in Greece revolve around around religion (Cult), the cult of Askelepios, the Greek god of medicine and the discussion of Apollo. Mythology tells us that Askelepios was saving so many lives that Pluto, the god of the underworld, asked Zeus to collide with him which Zeus did with a thunderbolt. Whether Askelepios was a real man or not ,many temples around Greece have been placed up in his honor. Patients go to theses temples where they fell the night and patients have said that Askelepios has appeared in their dreams. In an age where disease was looked upon as a punishment from the gods, sacrifice was a way of gentle the gods to prevent them from punishing. This was not the only medicine practice in Greece, in that location where also men who where more truly doctors they practice the unknown medicine and where still well regarded. HippocratesWhat... ... his work nearly either medical thought and shaped not only the theory but practice as well. Galen&8217s training was not only in biota and medicine, but known as a philosopher and philologist. Philosophy in Galens name is " an essential part of training a doctor". Galens first professional person job was a surgeon to the gladiators in Pergamon, here he gained much experience and practical knowledge from the wounds he had to treat. After four years he immigrated to Rome where he attained a brilliant report card as a practitioner and a public demonstrated of anatomy. Galen for all his mistakes, remained the unchallenged authority for over a thousand years. Main mistakes consisted of the internecine organs e.g. he incorrectly assumed that the rete mirablile, a rete of blood vessels as the base of the brain of ungulate animals, was also open in humans. He had 20 scribes to write down all his nomenclature and dictums, he was not Christian yet his writings reflected only one God and declared the body to be an instrument of the soul.Galen experimented on animals for physiological purposes. The work On the use of the parts of the human body consisted of seventeen books of this topic.

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