Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Senior Citizens Should Give Retirement to Family to End Recession :: Economics Economy

Retirees oer the age of sixty two in the fall in States are estimated by an independent financial survey to be academic term on over one trillion dollars in total assets. That notes mostly lies in financial institutions gathering interest while needy family members suffer impatiently waiting for the twenty-four hour period when it will be their inheritance. further not all seniors are that callous, they give away their silver to love ones before they die. There is no better way for the elderly to destine that they care. Those that do can enjoy the pleasure of watching their cash be spent. It is a joy that they would neer experience if they waited until their death.The country is in a recession that could be ended by an influx of spending money. The frugal stimulus money that will be received by evaluate payers during the summer months will do but it is not enough. More money is needed. The economy would improve and the recession ended if the trillion dollars held by seni ors was spent. It is up to them to end the recession in a loving way. Immediate handing over of their unneeded assets to loved ones would cause a spending spree the province has never witnessed before. It would put the unemployed back to work and end fireside foreclosures. I am sure if our elderly realized their power to help they would quickly respond.I had a close friend who suffered with a skittish disorder all of his life. He lived with the help of a government welfare program which just gave him enough to survive. His parents were millionaires in the real estate duty and owned at least twenty apartment houses. They let their give-and-take live rent free in one of them. But they gave him nil more. I spoke with him many times over the years and listened to his complaints. He had little to eat and was lonely. The only hope he had was that one day his parents would die and leave him with their millions. They both were dead when he reached the age of 70 two but the money was left to his two sisters and their children. All he inherited was the right to continue living rent free. I never witnessed such cruelty. Many seniors are sitting on more money than they need while family members no longer living with them are desolate or have financial problems.

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