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Arthur Miller Essay

Between 1949 and 1953, Arthur miller wrote ii of his most famous plays. Both plays dealt with major(ip) problems in bon ton. The of import characters of the plays were similar. Also, the supporting characters of both plays were alike. Arthur Millers plays close of a Salesman and The Crucible be similar in umteen a(prenominal) ways. The main purpose of both(prenominal) Death of a Salesman and The Crucible was to show major problems in the Statesn society. In Death of a Salesman, Arthur Miller was move to show the impossibilities of the American Dream. In The Crucible, he was trying to show how society is intolerant toward others and is prone to hysteria. Both plays dealt with society defeating the average, hard- weeing man. Each play showed a society that was full of deceit and liars. In both of these plays, society was pictured as an evil thing that would overpower the average person and fix an un unsloped world.The main characters of Death of a Salesman and The Crucible , Willy Loman and sewer Proctor, were alike in many ways. Both of these body of workforce had extramarital affairs, and in both good examples, the affairs ended up destroying their lives. Both of these men were hard-working, average men who were just trying to make a good life for themselves and their families. Names were grave to both men, and they both took pride in their names. In both cases, many decisions the 2 made were because of their family members. One large similarity between Willy and John was the circumstance that they both eventually died, and the death was partly their choice. Both men could have avoided death, but instead, they chose to die because they believed it was the correct thing to do.In these 2 plays, there were also many similarities between the supporting characters. In both plays, children had much more power than they normally do. In Death of a Salesman, Willys son controlled much of his life. In The Crucible, the girls, led primarily by Abigail W illiams, caused many people to be hanged, and even more to be imprisoned. Also, both John and Willy had wives that were very loyal to them throughout their lives and supported them until the end. Both plays showed a figure of power, seen as Howard in one play and Judge Danforth in the other. In both plays, the main character had a friend who stood up for them at the end. Willy had Charley, who had been his best friend for a long time, and John had sublime Hale, who tried to prevent Johns death. on that point are many similarities between characters in the two plays.Death of a Salesman and The Crucible are alike in many ways. Arthur Miller created similar characters in both plays. He used both to show the many things wrong in America. These two plays are both powerful pieces of literature that should be con and appreciated by all people.Sources Death of a Salesman and The Crucible by Arthur MillerArthur Miller EssayCan the audience be certain(a) that Abigail is feign when she ha s her kick the buckets (pages thirty nine-forty and ninety one-ninety six) In sixteen ninety two there was an outbreak of hangings for witchcraft. Arthur Miller based The Crucible on the events that remove to this to create an fiction of the events that took place in the nineteen fifties, when Joseph McCarthy was the head of the investigations of the senate direction on internal security.When Abigail her retard on page ninety two, Miller leaves the audience maked because of the other girls reaction to what Abigail does and also to Mary warrens accusations. When Abigail starts imitating Mary rabbit warren the girls copy Abigail and start using it to charge up Mary rabbit warren of sending a shadow on them, so Abigail used its sudden entrance into the court to stop Mary Warren from telling the truth slightly what happened in the woods. The way they chose to accuse her was by imitating Mary Warren. Mary Warren (screaming out at the top of her lungs, and gentility her fists) S top itGirls (raising their fists) Stop it Arthur Miller adds more uncertainty by make other girls leading into the fittings. This happens when Betty wakes upon page thirty nine and starts a fit off by saying, I saw Goody Howe with the Devil This is legal because Betty is apparently ill at the time that this happens then As she is language BETTY is rising from the bed, a fever in her eyes, and picks up the chant. Then in a fit on page ninety two, lenity Lewis says Mercy Lewis (pointing) Its on the beam Behind the rafter This is when the red cent has appeared and Danforth asks where it was. This is an trenchant strategy to employ and these points in the play because it keeps the audience guessing and wanting(p) to kat once what exit happen next. Mary Warren is present during both the fits that Abigail has, although in the second one on page ninety two she is the one both accusing and creation accused. At the end of the fit Mary Warren has a real stress induced fit howeve r MARY is left there, staring up at the bird, screaming madly. All watch her terrified by this evident fit. The fact that Mary Warren has now joined in isnt the only thing that makes this effective it is that she has just changed her mind after being so resolute on telling the truth, also that this implicates Proctor as being a witch because he is the one that took her to the court. In the sixteen nineties the buildings were furnished in a minimalist fashion because people couldnt afford much more that the essentials, for example in Bettys chamber would have a bed a little chest of underdrawers for her clothes and a chair. There would also be a fewer windows.Therefore it would be quite shocking seeing it filled up with in the main young girls, then when all the girls suddenly start shouting it would be overwhelming and quite confusing for an audience member seeing this for the first time. However, When Mary Warren is persuaded to go to court she seems scared of Abigail as she says Shell kill me for sayin that The audience also know that Abigail has lied from the beginning about what happened in the woods, as Abigail told her uncle that all they did was dance but then Betty says you drank a charm to kill Goody ProctorAlso in the comparable conversation Abigail tells Mary Warren to carry on lying, Let all of you breathe a word about the other things and I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring pointy reckoning that will shudder you. When the girls copy Abigail they never catch on straight away they always take a while to join in, such as in the court manner on page ninety two Abigail has to repeat what Mary Warren says twice before the girls start repeating as well. The Crucible is an allegory of what was happening in America in the nineteen fifties.When Joseph McCarthy became a senator stacks of people started having trouble with being accused of being a communist. It was mainly actors, actresses and writers that were accused but once you were accused there were only two things you could do to stop yourself from being blacklisted, which meant you would find it very hard to work again, you could either admit to being a communist and still be black listed or you could do the easier thing to prove you werent a communist which was accuse someone else. This is very similar to The Crucible as Abigail feels she has to accuse Tituba so that she isnt accused of which craft.The only two differences when you were set apart in this situation ware that you wouldnt be hung for being a communist you just wouldnt be able to find work very easily. The other difference was that in Salem you had to be a witch to be hung, whereas in America you had to be a communist. There are certain similarities between Salem and today, such as today, oodles of people treat Muslims differently because other people have glum Muslims into a scapegoat and projected everything wrong with the society that they live in and been blam ed on a particular group of people, which in our case is Muslims.This prejudice against particular groups of people often isnt fair. In America they projected their fears onto communists because they were that the communist uprising in Russia would spread to America, but now we are worried because a few Muslims out of millions decided to rick suicide bombers and the government used them as a means to apologise the war in Iraq by demonising the main faith in that country. boilersuit I think that the audience wouldnt be able to whether Abigail was pretending while she was having her fits unless they had seen The Crucible before, because Arthur Miller uses a lot of tactics to confuse or scare the audience.

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