Thursday, February 14, 2019

Average Student Reaches For Above-Average Success :: Interview Essay

Average Student Reaches For Above-Average achievement With her curly hair pinned up and her leg shaking nervously, Tricia searches for both potential drop employers to work for and Masters programs on the Internet. In the midst of her psychology textbooks lay piles of GRE practice tests and Graduate school applications. For the past form this has been a daily ritual. As she clicks around, her eyes glaze over and a headache tacks in but she tells herself to stay focused. Graduation is quickly approaching, and she feels a lot of pressure to figure out what she is spill to do conterminous year.In May, Tricia will graduate from Kings College with a knight bachelors Degree in Psychology. My options are limited, especially in immediatelys world. Four-year degrees dont matter anymore higher degrees are whats expected. With a four-year degree in Psychology I could be a Guidance Counselor at a High civilize or teach Psychology classes at a Community College. only when as fo r what I want to do- Forensics- I need Graduate School, specifically in Forensics and there are only ten schools that have it. Its very competitive, says Tricia Buchanan.Tricia has spent the last year researching Graduate schools to prepare for attached year. I started looking in July for Graduate schools. I had my mind set on going to Graduate school in August later on graduation and that I wasnt going to work. So, I spent the mass of this school year taking GRE practice tests, perusal, acquiring applications, meeting with the biography planning and placement office, and talking to teachers, says Tricia.Average Student Discouraged by GREsTricias plan changed in December. Suddenly all of those visions of getting into a Graduate school and moving ahead towards her goal, Forensics, were wiped away. All those hours studying seemed like wasted time.In December I decided I was going to go the job route. I changed my mind because I got discouraged. I felt I needed a break fro m school and nigh time off. The GREs were a lot harder than I thought they were going to be. Also, I realized how competitive Graduate schools are. I am an fair(a) student. I dont have any experience. Graduate schools in my program rely heavily on GRE scores, your cumulative GPA, and work experience, says Tricia.

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