Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Indra Noori Essay --

Indra Noori is an exceptional sales-driven and employment mined woman who has moved up the ranks in management within PepsiCo. Prior to working to PepsiCo, Noori has a top executive management cognize working for Motorola from 1986 to 2000 and Asea Brown B everyplacei in 1994 (Pepsico, 2014). Moreover, through her leadership, she has helped companies repay over 10 billion dollars in sales which has opened the doors for her to work in top executive management positions (Pepsico, 2014). In India, Noori began her career as a Product Manager holding positions in Johnson & Johnson and at Mettur Berdsell (Pepsico, 2014). Indra Noori is an example of a great leader of which through her leadership, she has successfully help companies she previously worked for generate millions of dollars in revenue and help with restructuring firms. Indra has an exceptional business educational undercoat of which she has earned her Bachelors of Science, MBA, and Masters of Public Administrati on degrees (Pepsico, 2014). Indra Noori has been highly well cognize from many companies all over the world. In an article named leadership Lessons from PepsiCo CEO, Indra Noori, she verbalise 5 valuable leadership strategies. The five valuable leadership strategies that pay inspired Indra Noori to plough a great leader are 1. oddment the short term with long term, 2. Develop a deep head teacher of public/private partnerships, 3. Think global, act global, 4. Keep an open mind to adapt to changes, and 5. Lead with your head and your heart (Snyder, 2013). These 5 concepts have helped Indra become a great successful leader and she has shared this mantra with many leaders speaking at various leadership conferences (Snyder, 2013). Balancing the short t... ... whole kit and caboodle CitedPepsico. (2014). Retrieved January 11, 2014, from Our leadership http// , G. (2011, April 29). Retrieved January 11, 201 4, from Leadership How pepsis Indra Nooyi learned to be a CEO http//, J. (2001). Good to great . New York Harper Business.Gaille, B. (2013, October 20). Retrieved January 11, 2014, from Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyis Leadership Style and Management Traits http//, S. (2013, May 7). Snyder leadership group . Retrieved January 11, 2014, from Leadership Lessons from PepsiCo CEO, Indra Nooyi http//

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