Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Nowadays, toughie has thousands of branches around the oral and number one lily-livered bit and export in Asia and number one on animal nutriment producer in the existence. If we want to talk roughly diadem strategies, we run through to go through Caps history in 1962. In 1962, majuscule was competed with some early(a) crops companies to sell crop to Thai husbandman in Thailand. However, at that time, farmers did not presumption the crops that came from the companies because there were cases of rotten crops and the part was very bad. bonnet, at that time, depended mainly on animal crop which were the main revenues for poll. Danni, owner of working capital, had the motif that pull up stakes throw the competitors off the amen. He mixed and interchange crops in packages instead of actual food for animals. He hired the specialist to mark off the crop which it is rarely new in Thailand. jacket crown promised to every farmer that they willing to pay for everything tha t happen related to their products. in that locationfore, CAP march ons farmers trust since then. CAP slowly changed from selling animal crop to chickens due to the demand of chicken in Asia.In 1 967, CAP conducted four new minor companies to flag opportunities for the one who has potential to show their management skill and CAP bought 90% of stock market on chicken packaging.. In 1 995, CAP has over 57 factories in 50 cities throughout Asia and Europe. Nowadays, CAP bought everything that garter their business grows and reduces many an(prenominal) competitors. For example, CAP bought 7-11 which are American Franchise social club and Macro as well. CAP revenues do not from only CAP product itself, except also other companies that CAP bought as well. There are Chester Grill, True Co-operation, Dang Motors, Pin An indemnity and Asia Telecoms.So CAP basically sells cars, telephone, insurance and cable television too. That what make CAP so big that other companies do not want to compete with. In my opinion, this is one manakin of the scheme too. Talking about mission and vision, CAP has set game standard on these two aspects. Caps vision basically to become much or less professional food political party that fulfill the demands of their client and increases life quality for everyone which is of variety their responsibility. Just the vision of the company makes me want to buy CAP product now.Caps mission is to develop agricultural industries and become the leader of creating sun-loving eating habits to consumers by giving high quality and reliable product to ones who leave outed protein. There are three main benefits in investment school of thought Of the CAP group which are benefit Of the country CAP invested in, benefits of batch of that country invested in, and finally, the benefit of CAP Company. CAP strategies are based on these vision and missions. CAP keeps moving forward and expands their company big and bigger every day. CAP has achieve d their goal 10 years ago. Talking about CAP competitions, if in Thailand, there is none.CAP has influences among those who do food company. Other word, it is on CAPS side. Many of the food companies choose to work with the CAP instead of competing with it. The company that competes with CAP is Chinese COFFS Corporation Company in China which exchange tea, wine, cooking oil, and chicken. There is also Eek Chord China Motors which compete with CAPS ASIA and Dang Motors which of course the size of the organization is not even comparable. Can overcome many obstacles and use their strategies to overcome every environmental aspect including Thai flooding, world economic crisis, and Thai on-going protest.In my opinion, the main strategy of CAP is to gain consumers trust and expectations. CAP does many charities and of course, Donating is a ere popular among Thai the great unwashed and society. CAP is the professional to win the heart of the people. CAP also provides varieties of foods an d not sound chickens. Because of there is no competition to begin with, CAP can sold their products daily everyhere and not afraid of other things but politic. Politic can really hurt big company much(prenominal) as CAP. In 2012, Thai government increase wages per doer to 300 baths a day which there is no strategy to wait on solving it.CAP and every other CEO and Chairman need to disconnected more money in employee costs. CAP is not affected at all. They are still standing to this very day. There is new CAP campaign called brio Stations which is targeted mainly on young people such as high-school, university students and office people. It is located in China with in the middle of office districts in Guanos. CAP understands the market well and designs spirit Station to fit the personalities of those people who is going to be customers. For example, life brand go about the schools, it going to provide not just breakfast, milk, or bakery products. It also has stationery shop a s well.If Life Station is near the office, it will provide ere wife and of course, many kinds of coffee. If Life Station opens in the city area, it will provide varieties of foods and provide crush quality. The main strategy of Life Station is the design of actual branch and gain more information on consumer to find opportunities in future products of CAP. Life place are designed to fit peoples life styles. The design will take in lots of people and they are willing to try new things. The best ways to be profitable is to reduce the cost of products which is cooking ingredients which CAP already as factories and farms around the world.The cost of products is cheap, that is why it is profitable. There will be obstacle such as economy and sometime lack of customers. Life Station will carry out promotion think to attract more customers which are marketing departments job by use buy one gets one free or anything necessary to gain more consumers. Research and development department w ill work with human beings resources department to gain the information about people in the Life Stations area to develop an insight on consumers and gain more humor what to develop in the future.

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