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Body gender Essay

Reversal of Roles (Wo workforce Seducing Men). In the 20th century, people become ripeized and most of the traditional roles atomic number 18 no longer followed. The modern c erstpts allow the people, especially the women, greater independence and opportunity to pr passageice their potentialities and pursue their chosen endeavours. An innovation that comes along with the modern world is the reversal of roles between male and female, and one of these roles is men be take a crapd by women. As women become open-minded and liberated, their intimate views become wider.Women seduce men for various reasons for personal gain, persuade the man into well up-nighthing or, the most common, informal interaction. many an(prenominal) relationships atomic number 18 either developed or destroyed by this. However, not all people accept this practice. Despite the modernization, a agglomerate of people ar calm old-fashioned. These people, including the church and countless moral advocates, still consider the women as a creation of God that should live and act with morality. They opposed womens seduction of men and receive it as against the blueprint norm of the society.Women atomic number 18 aware of this restriction that is why they do the lure discreetly. Men and Women Modernity. This picture shows the modernization of men and women in the 20th century. They contrive more freedom in terms of fashion and a piling of other things. They wear clothes that make them comfortable, not minding whether the garments conform to the norm of the society or not. Many of the modern men and women actions deviate from or are not consistent to the cultural norm. In marital relationship, for example, it is getting normal and easy for a quite a number of unify couples to divorce and marry another person.This is, of course, opposed to the doctrine of the church that sanctifies the sacredness of marriage. The women and women are expected to be guided with morality. However, as the world modernizes, so does the sexual perspective. Premarital sexual intercourse is common, even to younger generation. It is getting habitual every day. Men are seeing women as sex objects. The women, in return, submit to the mens desire. Worse, this often results into unwanted pregnancies or ahead of time marriage. Immorality in the modern world abounds.In this case, the countrys leaders, the church and the parents have vital roles in curving the immorality brought by modern world. One way to do it is revive the moral value and instil them in the mind not only of the youth still of all the people as well. Men and Women of World War II. As the United States of America entered World War II in 1941, its scrimping drastically changed. The nation demanded more from its citizen. All capable male enlisted into the legions and went to the warfront. However, it was not enough.The gender roles were dramatically altered temporarily as women volunteered to tie various female branches of the military. Some women back home worked in the factories. Traditionally, women were regarded as subordinates of men. They were seen as weak gender and war, which was ruled by men, was not a place for them. However, during World War II, the womens services were badly essential by their country and they responded to it. Although it was not consistent with the cultural norms, gender roles were temporarily set aside for a noble cause.The feminine kingdom has once again shown to the world that they could equal, if not outdo, men in many ways. Feminists see this as a morale-boosting feat. Men and Women in Politics. The picture shows the major pursuit of women in politics. Un the worry in the past, women of today are active politically. Many public officials in the country are women. In fact, in some places, several of the highest positions in the land are held by females. Now, male politicians are not taking the female officials lightly but consider them as strong political figur es. Their opinions are as strong as that of the mens.It is a far cry from the past wherein all political government were held by men women were only expected to stay home, take guard of the children and do all the house chores. Male is still the stronger figure in politics world as proven in many countries where men hold the highest positions. But the females are not far behind. This development among women produces official feedbacks. Abuses from men gradually lessen because women are getting bolder to bring in the open their ordeal. They are aware that they have a voice in the government. Yves idol Laurent in de Young Museum.De young Museum, located in San Franciscos Golden Park, is exhibiting the 40 years garments, sketches and designs by Yves nonesuch Laurent. As I entered, I noticed that the exhibit room was dimly lit that the descriptive labels at the bottom of the mannequins were barely readable. An array of YSL clothes and garments are displayed, like the all black outf its, a dress with a transparent top, the even out gown with a bare midriff and the black tuxedoes for men and women. there were also the ethnic-inspired outfits, a red late-hippie gypsy band as well as the collection of African dresses.In another line were YSLs various rendition of espousal gowns the hand-knitted off-white cocoon the typical Saint Laurent short and multicoloured gown called Love Me Forever gown the Shakespeare-inspired bridal wear in lush gold and orange lustrous fabric and brocade and the 1997 bikini-like bridal gown covered with thick pink and immature flowers, leaves and pink strip of fabric. Now, these are just some of the 130 Yves Saint Laurent works in de Young Museum that await visitors. The Legion of Honor Palace. The complete architecture of The Legion of Honor Palace in San Francisco is already a huge attraction by itself.The building, built to commemorate the Californian soldiers who died in World War I, is located on top of the ocean cliffs which e nables for an staggering view of the Golden Gate Bridge. Inside, the museum displays an impressive collection of 4,000 years of antediluvian patriarch and European art, the largest portion is comprised of French art. It showcases the works of such great artists like Rembrandt ( Joris de Caulirii), David(La Baronne Meunier), El Greco(St. John the Baptist),Renoir (Portrait of Richard Wagner), Monet(The Grand Canal, Venice), Picasso ( Head of a Woman) and many others. maybe the museums most distinguished acquisition is the collection of statues by Auguste Rodin which are on display. The most famous sculpture of Rodin, The Thinker, dominates the museums outdoor motor lodge of Honor. This is the figure that greets the visitors first before entering the building.References Lambert, Tim A. 17th Century Women. A World Encyclopedia. Retrieved April 24, 2009 from http//www. localhistories. org/index. html Women and the Home Front During World War II. manganese Historical Society. Retriev ed April 24, 2009 from http//www. mnhs. org/library/tips/history_topics/131women_homefront. htm.

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