Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Music Essay -- Filmmakers, Diegetic Sounds

Music plays a critical role in the story celluloids as it is important technique that filmmakers social function to support the narrative and influence the counselling that the viewer interacts, responds and interprets the events as they unfold. The godfather, which is one of all time Hollywood movies, represents a good use of symphony that succeeded in supporting the dramatic events that withdraw place in the movie. Moreover, both diegetic and non-diegetic music in the godfather movie argon used to achieve the overall purpose by using the unlike principles and functions of film music that range from setting the mood of the viewer to providing tenacity within the movie. In this essay, we will take part of the godfather movie in which we can observe and analyse the role of the music in the film (003052- 003552)In the beginning of the clip (03052), as the dissolve take us from the previous position where ,Mr. Woltz , a flush studio head, refused angrily the request of Don V ito Corleone to cast Johnny Fontane in one of his movies, the dissolve take us to the next scene where we invite Mr. Woltzs house from outside. As the dissolve takes place, a diegetic sound of night insects be heard and even before the next scene comes up on screen. The diegetic sound of night insects provides tenacity between the first and the second scene and carry the viewer across a temporal ellipsis of hours (003049-003053) . Moreover, the night insects sound in the next scene (003053-003100) suggests the approach of night and the calmness in Mr. Woltzs house and that to return the difference between the beginning and the end of the scene (003053-003100). Then, as the shot gets closer to the window of Mr. Woltzs bedroom (003103), a non-diegetic music of th... ...(003250-003318) . Then, the scene goes back to don Corleone as he listens to Tom Hegan talks rough Sollozo. Suddenly, Don Corleons asks Tom Hegan about Sollozos prison record and then non-diegetic music runs fo cusing our attention on the interesting discussion they have about Sollozo and the decision they should make regarding co-operating with Sollozo.(03319-003411)In conclusion, music role in the selected clip from the godfather represents a great use of both diegetic sounds and non-diegetic music that help the viewer of the narrative film to illustrate and interpret the dramatic events as they unfold. Moreover, Setting the mood, providing continuity between scenes and intensifying rhythm and pacing were the principle functions of film music that were used in the selected clip to achieve the overall goal of the use of music in the scenes. .

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