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NAME Angela FerreiraSTUDENT NUMBER 543939 hunt d professFVPAASSIGNMENT As chumpment one Stuart Hall the work of representation receivable DATE 12 MarchTUTOR NAME Amanda MullinsPlagiarism declarationI know that plagiarism is wrong. Plagiarism is to use an separates work and to pretend that it is ones own.I have employ the author date convention for citation and referencing. Each significant division to and quotation in this essay from the work or works of other people has been acknowledged through citation and reference.This essay is my own work.I have not submitted this work, or a substantial portion thereof, for sound judgement previously.I have not allowed and impart not allow anyone to counterpart my work with the intention of passing it off as his or her own work.I have done the word processing and formatting of t his subsidization myself. I understand that the correct formatting is part of the mark for this engagement and that it is therefore wrong for another person to do it for me.Angela Ferreira- Signature12 March 2014DateAngela FerreiraStudent number 543939FVPA ASSIGNMENT 1 STUART entrance hall THE WORK OF REPRESENTATIONQUESTION 1The approach that Saussure adoptive to understanding representation as a sign system is called The semiotic Approach or Semiotics (HALL 1997 pg 31)Question 2The signThe sign can take different forms such as sounds, images, objects and so on. However, signs only if really become signs when we invest meaning into them (HALL 1997 pg34). The sign consists of multiple attribute... ...the keys, in simple- history is recorded by the victorious and those on top will filter, give access to and withhold information of their choosing. Reference list1) Biko, S, 1988. more or less African Culture Concepts. In P.H. Cotzee et al (eds) Philosophy From Africa. London supranational Thompsen publishing 2) Fritz, F. 1937. Die Judenfrage im Unterricht. Nrnberg Der Strmer-Abteilung Buchverlag3) Hall, S. (ed). 1997. Representation Cultural Representations and Signifying practises. London gravitational constant Oaks New Delhi Sage publications in association with Open University.4)McLuhan , M. 1964. Understanding Media. McGraw-Hill Canada 5) gumshoe Gabriel, Biko, 1980. real world music Ltd, EMI music publishing. Courtesy of PeterGabriel.com6) The Concise Oxford lexicon of current English, 1990. 8th edition. Walton street, New York, Oxford.

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