Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Joy Luck Club :: essays research papers

-The Sisters of Misunderstanding-Parents always want what is best for their children, regardless of market-gardening or ethnicity. In The Joy Luck Club, by Amy Tan, and in life sentence With Father by Itabari Njeri, the parents express their agnatic methods upon their daughters. Children will all respond differently to their parents methods, as do Waverly, June, and Itabari, but they lock share a common resentment for their parents. It is shown in the two stories how parental methods expressed to children can be misinterpreted, thus influencing the childs behavior.Junes amaze wants her to experience a flourishing piano player. The problem with this is that June possesses no talent or determination to do so, so she doesnt come. Her acquire cleans an old deaf piano teachers apartment in exchange for June to be taught piano, but the teacher cant patch up June when she makes a mistake, because he cant hear. Junes grow encourage her to practice and would always brag about how good she was to everyone. Junes beget enjoyed having experience in her daughter, as she thought her daughter was a representation of how successful she was herself. June did not appreciate this at all. After making a charge of herself at the talent show she vowed to never play piano again. Her mothers wishes for her success were mistaken for her mothers selfishness. June thought her mother was only pushing her to find something in her daughter that was not in herself.Waverly was the same as June, in that her mother also wanted her to become great at something. Waverlys mother saw her being a child prodigy of chess. Once she saw that Waverly was good at it, she encouraged her to play. Waverly enjoyed chess and took it upon herself to get good at chess. June could possibly have been successful with the piano, but she would not embrace her mothers hopes to that degree. It seemed that Waverly had an ability hereditary from her mother to conceal feelings and strategies, much like w hat is needed to win a chess match. Waverly got along better with her mother than June did, but Junes mother pushed her in a direction she didnt want to go in, quite a than taking credit for success. Both actions were misconceived however.Waverly has the ability to humiliate June, as she did at the New Years dinner. Those with self-confidence such as Waverly well insult June.

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