Monday, March 11, 2019

Employees’ Issues in Hcl Axon Malaysia

ORGANIZATIONAL ISSUES AND PROBLEMS Peripher eachy, HCL axone is an excellence organization with increasing mundaneness of its information technologies and offer huge scope of business benefits. HCLs gentle in information clays despatchs and timely subjects helps yielding substantial achievement and comprehend to be robust. However, HCL axones branch in Malaysia, HCL AXON Malaysia is real having a big trouble in human resource management. HCL AXON Malaysia to mean solar day fall prey to the same basic problems that were app arent all over the years in the organization.Questions have to ask whether organization is learning. Questions must also be asked about the quality of training given to project managers, developers as well as the IT support engineer. The employees are bewildered in a suffocating quandary which consists of rigidity in the Human option incision, negligence of employees welfare, and the lack of employee development. i. Rigidity in the Human Resource departm ent The HR department shows negligence in updating its information system. For instance, the on the hire out(p) contract between a computer technician, Morty with HCL AXON Malaysia is expired in February 2012.Without contract extension, he is still haveing in the organization and be pay his salary every month until today. In fact, this situation is unsettled to Morty because no one guarantees the termination would not descend one day against him. Furthermore, there is another similar example. A former employee, Tom quitted his job from HCL AXON Malaysia in September 2012. However, he was still creation paid his salary in the next two consecutive months. After being informed about this case, only the HR department rectified the system.These expertness caused by the lack of initiation in the HR department towards create deep awareness for contracting, staffing and recruitment system. They keep running the existing system like doing a daily routine, paying the fixed amount of requital to employees on the list without any updating. Subsequencely, the HR system is not development in fully aligned system which includes aligning the organizations policies and human systems i. e. staffing. ii. Negligence of Employees Welfare Besides, the HR department in HCL AXON Malaysia never takes employees elfare and needs seriously. For instance, the IT engineers or computer technicians are usually work overtime and carrying out work-shift every week. The employees are also ought to work on public holiday. However, there are no allowance and bonus given. Employees pray for the benefits and compensation system would be ameliorated, but their request and allegation are being ignored by HR department. Meaning by that, the HR department shows laziness to get input or feedback from employees to improve the arrogant situation.An IT engineer in HCL AXON Malaysia, Terence claims that the employees in the organization are mostly having low job satisfaction. iii. The Lack of Employee Development The changing environment and technologies such(prenominal) as launching of new software and IT systems as well as the unpredictable issues regarding foreign countries client system urge HCL AXON to put on system approach to make continuous-improvements. The HR department of HCL AXON Malaysia promised to take aim training sessions to the employees which is training of using new software. However, the managers and supervisors never work diligently to meet the commitment.

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