Friday, March 22, 2019

Is the Tarnished Image of Northeastern Being Rebuilt? :: Journalism Journalistic Essays

Is the Tarnished Image of northeasterly Being Rebuilt?Boston - northeast University is expanding its campus and student body more and more every socio-economic class. Just a few years ago it was just a small commuter train school, now it is reaching close to the top 100 Colleges and Universitys in the United States. The universitys enrollment is now up to over 20,000 students, two undergraduate and graduate students.Everything is not as peachy as it seems. Since 1990, northeasterly University has almost doubled its size. It used to be on just wiz side of the Orange Line. Now it goes all the way into Roxbury, Mission Hill, and Fenway.Residents in the area are a little angry that north University is approach shot into their neighborhood and push them around. I havent liked what Northeastern has done ever since they came over the tracks, said Randall Thomas, 51, a longtime resident physician of Roxbury. In this neighborhood the rents are going up, the students are misbehaving, a nd the Northeastern legal philosophy are hassling long time residents, instead of the students. They need discipline and Northeastern has to keep them in check, said Thomas. Thomas talked about his years biography in Roxbury, which is all 51 years of his life.He said the university has to change by reversal with the neighborhood. According to Thomas it is a long standing African-American confederation that has its needs and the university should understand that and take that into consideration.According to city housing assessments, the scathe of real estate has doubled in some areas of Roxbury. The huge fill for property and the universitys growth has made the once poverty struck area into a hot commodity for the university and real estate investors. integrity building in the neighborhood on Tremont was listed worth of $265, 500. Predictions for the end of the year 2004 have the estimated worth at about $394,000. That is a significant cut in one year.Northeastern is taking ove r, their pushing the poor masses out, said Kenny Miller, 35, and a resident of Roxbury. Roxbury residents fight to get their homes back, the damn condominiums they built, theyre taking over Mission Hill as well.The students are supposititious to be our future leaders, they suck. said Thomas, Stop coming in our neighborhood, pushing us. Who do they think they are? Harvard or MIT?On the contrary, Northeastern University feels that it is working with the neighborhoods to accomplish good for the community as a whole.

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