Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Dorian Gray and the Theme of Beauty

Commonly blot is symbolic whether it represents the good and purity in psyche or the corruption in their very consciousness is a unalike story. In the book, Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, deformity is used to lay out the corruption and degradation of Dorians soul. Dorians throw bag could be considered a deformity and this deformity finished Dorians animateness-time. He has an unnatural, surreal beauty and its this beauty that causes him to live so evil and diminished. Its the reason behind his madness. He rattling traded his soul to keep his youth and beauty If it were I who was to be perpetu on the wholey young, and the picture that was to pose oldFor that- for that- I would get around everything I would give my soul for that His beauty was so symbolic because it was pure, innocent and divine at the jump of the novel yet it ended up cau lousinessg the downslope and destruction of a young mans life. Though his looks should scram been a gift it became a curse that co rrupted his soul and destroyed his life. He became too obsessed with his looks and thus lost his soul. When Dorian see the portrait painted he soon begins to loath it because I sh solely grow old, and horrible, and dreadful. But this picture will remain always young.It will neer be older than this particular day in June I am jealous of the portrait you deem painted of me. He in minute wishes that he was to stay young and beautiful and the portrait was to show all the signs of aging and sin. This is the beginning of Dorians troubles. He goes through his life looking young and innocent but all the sins he commits shows on the canvas, The terrible portrait whose changing features show him the real degradation of his lifeHe had a secret pleasure of the misshapen shadow that had to take for the burden that shouldve been his own. Any time Dorian does something sinful, selfish, heavy-handed, or falls to lure it all shows up on the canvas to mar his idyllic beauty. A sense of infini te pity, not for himself, but for the painted image of himself, came over him. It has altered already and would alter more. For every sin he committed, a stain would fleck and wreck its fairness. Dorian knew that his soul was being corrupted because he could see it on the painting, but he took no notice. Since the signs of sin dont show up on him (but rather the painting) he participates in immoral temptations, He uses the painting as an outlet for all his desires.One example of his corruption is when he is cruel to Sibyl brand that is the start-off act of evil he commits and its when the first sign of deformity shows on the painting. Dorian only loved Sibyl for her acting and when she acted badly in Romeo and Juliet, even though she did it because she loved Dorian enough to learn that rightful(a) love isnt what she had been acting, he completely abandons her and breaks her heart. He said that, thither is always something ridiculous about the emotion of people whom one has ceas ed to love. Sibyl Vane seemed to him to be absurdly melodramatic.Her tears and sobs annoyed him. As soon as Dorian got home he first noticed that the portrait changed, it revealed his cruelty. It was draw that The face appeared to him to be a little changed. The expression looked different. One would have said that there was a touch of cruelty in the sass. This was the beginning of the corruption of Dorians soul, the corruption of the painting. He was unnecessarily cruel to Sibyl Vane and his soul was changed as a result the deformity of the mouth on the painting was a visual resemblance to Dorians soul and the corruption it was beginning to feel.Dorian Gray was the definition of beauty he was pure, innocent and stunning but he had a soul as corrupt as the seven deadly sins. He traded his soul to stay young forever but in turn a portrait of himself was a visual representation of his soul. Over time it grew alter and hideous and this showed that Dorians own soul was also becoming deformed, corrupted and hideous. The degradation of the painting shows that corruption of the soul is a symbol of deformity.

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