Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Paris Hilton: The Eigth Deadly SIn :: essays research papers

capital of France Hilton The Eighth Deadly nefariousnessPride, envy, anger, avarice, sloth, gluttony, lust, and genus Paris Hilton. The sevener deadly sins and Paris the heiress have combine to overtake public address system culture as we know it. It may be a coincidence this blond bombshells favorite number is seven, but in the pubic eye Paris is the epitome of such sins. Who blames her? Shes famous, wealthy, beautiful, human, and everyplace you look. From the television, to movies, magazines, books, clothing lines, and even armature video stores the list goes on, and so she follows. the States is haunt with Paris. When Hiltons dog, Tinkerbell, disappeared it made national newfounds. When the heiress herself attended a bleak York Knicks game, Madison square garden chanted her name, while the not so well-situated Knicks were down thirty points in the third quarter. Our obsession with Paris has reached an all time high. Ameri rotters are now beginning to look, smell, talk and acquit like Miss Hilton herself. Pride as stated in the seven deadly sins is the desire to be important or attractive to others and to say excessive love of self. In such a case America must forgive Miss Hilton, for she has sinned. Paris had no problem denying she smellings lucky when she looks in the mirror, in her December 2004 interview with rolling St wizs. But does America blame her for feeling lucky? She is the epitome of lucky and not to mention a designers dream. As Nicole Jones states in her, Getting the Style, gossip Paris has the body of a runway model, and alien thinness that a few(prenominal) bear naturally. Designers are not fools to the Paris pandemonium. Not only can she flawlessly sport a trend, she can also sell one or even two. With a single picture Paris brought frontwards the Von Dutch decade and the times of the trucker hat that is. Pariss trends have teenagers out spending their cold hard cash on real expensive cotton. As Nicole Jones points out in her commentary, America loves Hiltons fashion because it is not too difficult for us to incorporate in our own wardrobe. It didnt take long for guess designer, Marciano, to realize he wanted to bring in some of the Pariss pop culture platinum. According to Forbes magazine, after making Miss Hilton Marcianos new guess girl sales rose about 16%. Paris herself does not even underestimate the power of her and name, and in essence continues to return the

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