Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The Nature of Psychology Essay examples -- essays research papers

The Nature of psychological sciencePsychology is the scientific study and practical application of discernable behavior and mental processes of organisms. Psychology differs from other social sciences such as Sociology, History, or Economics, because psychological science specifically deals with the study of an individual. The other social sciences will study crowds, or history. Psychology is less a science of reported findings, it attempts asks and answers moves using observable behavior and what finish be determined as mental processes of the subject. The figure for psychology is the Greek letter psi (). The subject matter of psychology is, affect, behavior, and cognition. The affect for psychology is the actual mental processes that make up moods, feeling, and worked up state. An example for affect would be feeling sad about something happening. behaviour includes the actually actions and responses of organisms. Behavior can include the way we act in any given situation, for example when we get up in the morning. The parliamentary law in the way we prepare ourselves for going out into public can be categorized as our behavior. Cognition is the actual mental events and the processes that pull up stakes from them. Memories of an event are a great example of an organisms cognition. The components and corresponding faces of psychology include the body of knowledge which is considered the teaching face, station of investigative methods or research face, and array of techniques the therapy face. The goals of psychology are to explain behaviors, to describe behaviors, to predict behavior, and to modify inappropriate behaviors. Explaining behaviors would be a question similar to Why does this happen?, and example of how describing behavior could be genteel would be asking What causes this behavior, where does it come from?. Predictions can be elaborated on by asking When will the behavior occur?. An example of a behavioral modification question is What can be changed in the environment to alter this behavior?. A specialized subfield of psychology that most interests me is, forensic Psychology, because it would be appealing to me to understand a potential criminal estimation and to make the determination if the criminal was sane at the time the abomination was committed or if he/she was operating with full judgment. In perusing the 9/11 attack on America, a Forensic Psyc... ... take of a specific behavioral defect. After all the previous methods film been used, the use of existing information could be of help. Using existing data enables the psychologist to draw conclusions using other studies, surveys, observations, and tests to aide in the diagnose and discourse of a depressed person. A depressed person has a devolve in activity at the serotonin synapses. The independent variable would be the activity in the serotonin synapses. The dependent variable is the actual slump. In an experiment there are two types of groups the experimental, and control groups. The experimental group is the participants who are exposed to the independent variable. The control group is the group of bulk who are not exposed to the independent variable, the comparison group. Three estimable concerns in psychological research experiments are do no harm, advance confidentiality, and the use of deception unaccompanied when absolutely necessary. In a depression experiment, the do no harm would be observed by only interviewing the subject. The researcher should refrain from any activity that would cause physical, emotional, and or psychological harm to the subject(s) in any of the groups.

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