Friday, March 15, 2019

Essay --

The Compson family has collar sons Benjamin (Benjy), Quentin, and Jason, along with a daughter, Candace (Caddy). Benjy is the youngest son of the family and is mentally disabled, Quentin is the oldest son of the family and is the nevertheless child of the family who is trying to honor some meaning of life, and Jason is the son who can care less to the highest degree(predicate) savor and family. Caddy on the other hand, is the most serious share in the novel, whose views are shown less, and others views on her are shown alot more, being a whacking part of the novel. Their parents Mr. and Mrs. Compson do not show often get it on for their children. The only child Mrs. Compson shows some love for is Jason, who perhaps doesnt care nearly her love and is actually the worst of the children. William Faulkner dedicates the first three incisions of the novel to the three sons of the Compson family, and saves the last one for himself. Even though Caddy is the most important chara cter in the novel, Faulkner does not have a whole section on her, instead every section reflects on her life.Benjy is a dull idiot, who cant authentically do anything to get things straight, even he can sense when something good or dark is happening. When anything bad happens, all Benjy does is moan and cry. Benjy remembers all the bad things that happened to him. Benjy wanted his bring forth to love him and always be at that place for him, yet she didnt care much ab unwrap him and never real loved him, which is why at a young age, Caddy took care of Benjy. Benjy loved Caddy very much and saw her as the only pure, loveable person. When Caddy loss her virginity, it really bothered Benjy and all he could do was mourn and cry. Earlier in the novel, when Caddy was a young girl and had a muddy underwear, it foreshadowed ... ...use he was planning on committing suicide. Quentin righteous wanted Caddy to be protect and for her to stay away from other men.Like Benjy, Quentin neve r had his mothers love. This is why they both see Caddy as a mother figure. Quentin wanted his mother to always be with him, yet she was never there for him. Quentin said in the novel, on page 172 If Id just had a mother so I could say mother, mother. Quentin really wished he had his mothers love. Mrs. Compson didnt care much about her other children as much as she did for her son Jason.Mrs. Compson only showed her love for Jason, even though Jason is perhaps the worst of the children. Mrs. Compson only trusted Jason out of all four of her children. Jason took advantage of his mother and stole large amounts of specie from his mother. Jason doesnt really care about anyone, but himself.Jason hates all women

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